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Re: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC NOTICE: India Against Corruption's stand on note demonetization

Dear Mr. Sardesai

As a reputed author of books on Hinduism surely you know सत्यम् ब्रूयात्, प्िरयम् ब्रूयात्, माब्रूयात् सत्यम अप्िरयम् - speak the truth which is liked by all and does not hurt anyone's feelings but do not speak the truth which is harsh and unpleasant.

If you speak unpleasantly then nobody will listen to you.

FYI please see some facts,

1) I became aware of the true extent of the fake note menace in early 2015 when an IB report was inspected by me. it clearly estimated even then that 18% of all Rs. 500 and about 13% of all Rs.1,000 notes in circulation (ie. about average 15% then) were very high quality fakes which most bank branches could not detect. The report also highlighted that situation in fake Rs.100 notes was very dire because the note lacked essential security features.

2) On 6 April 2015 I publicly highlighted my complaints about these high tech fake notes to RBI (which was published on this mailing list as you can verify) specifically calling for urgent demonetisation of these notes and replacement of Gandhi's image and gave clear warning to Government that IAC would launch a No-Gandhi movement on October 2 if RBI failed to act. IAC vigorously pursued with RBI and ultimately we were replied in Sept 2015 that action would be taken by Central Govt. and RBI's Central Board. Accordingly IAC did not activate No-Gandhi movement on 2 Oct 2015.

3) On Sept 16 2016 we came to know that Govt plans to demonetise these notes. On Sept 29 2016 we came to know that the new notes would continue to have Gandhi image when we saw an advance copy of the Rs. 2,000 note then being printed in Mysore security press. Being outraged at this gross insult to other Indian freedom fighters, on 1 Oct 2016 IAC has launched the "No-Gandhi" andolan (we registered domain" at 8:30 AM UTC On same day IAC head quarters also decided to take steps to form a political party under name of "Swaraj India Party". So it is false to suggest that IAC was shocked by suddeness of demonetisation. We knew about impending demonetisation well in advance.

4) It seems that you are living in some false reality (Maya). There has been no discernable effect on black money or corruption by demonetisation. In fact there has been severe pain to common man and huge disruption of indigenous business and trade and loss of jobs. The only people who seem to be benefitting from demonetisation are the same US based MultiNational Corporations who finance anti-national organisations like the RSS and BJP. The only Indian people who have benefitted are those who have converted about Rs.3 lakh crore rupees of fake notes into legal ones by depositing these into lakhs of dummy remote controlled by Aadhar. The role of the mushrooming of new private banks, including of para-bankers like Bandhan Bank has not been fully investigated.

NB: I frankly admit that our intial estimates of Rs. 85,000 crores of fake notes being injected into banks were very much on lower side. Now that RBI's data has come in they are faced with this same problem of Rs. 3 lakh crores of unexplained notes, and RBI has come up with this gimmick of "double counting" to explain it away and are hurriedly destroying the hard evidence of fake notes imported by Chota Rajan gang channels by exporting the SBN notes back to Dubai. It is a tragedy that Modi sarkar is now running off Chota Rajan's business enterprises.

5) If Mr. Modi's demonetisation decision was so honest, clean and above board, then why is his Govt so scared, and shitting in its pants not to show us (under RTI) that the proper procedure was followed for demonetisation ? Over 60 notifications were issued defining and redefining the extent of demonetisation. Under the law (section 26(2) RBI Act) each of these notifications are only to be carried out under RBI's recommendations. Are we to assume that the RBI simply handed over all its statutory powers to Modi on 8 Nov 2016 ? Why is the RBI and Govt not prepared to disclose the recommendations of RBI dt. 8.Nov.2016 ? I can give you the probable answer - because you will see for yourself that IAC is correct. You will also see from RBI's 8 Nov 2016 recommendations (which was known to Bill Gates through his officer Nachiket Mor but cannot be disclosed to Indians) how extra-constitutional power has accumulated in PMO, and how Ministries and IAS babus are now pliable rubber stamps (or "condoms") for Modi's destructive anti-national agenda cocktail of promoting foreigners through his chosen crony (mainly Gujarati) friends.


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The mails of Sarbajit Roy and truevalue pandian are nothing but figment of imaginations of these two gentlemen who could not digest the sudden shock of demonetization and its consequences especially on black moneys and corruption.

V. S. Sardesai

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Dear Mr. Pandian

You are respectfully requested not to CC non-members of our list and not to use the "Reply to All" option in your email client. Many of the persons you CC emails to are spammers for various causes and we don't want our list emails to be tagged as spam by association with their IDs.

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In reply to your post, it is now abundantly clear :-

1) That since early 2015 Modi Govt and RBI had all information about the huge quantities (ca. 15%) of FAKE notes in circulation in India - mostly in hinterland where banking penetration is lower and chits / para-bankers / money-lenders / Ponzis rule the roost.

2) That Modi and Raghuram Rajan deliberately did not act to weed out these notes, but allowed these para-bankers to inject even more fake notes till it reached about 25% of all money in circulation (ie. about Rs. 3 lakh crores of fake money). Their complicity is thereby established.

3) It is complete nonsense to say such fake notes came in from Pakistan or through terror networks. These notes were printed in the very same overseas first-world facilities regularly used by IB and RAW to print fake Pakistani notes. Raghuram Rajan surely knows all this because his father was in IB and RAW finally retiring as Chairman JIC and is an old associate of Doval and was Doval's boss.

4) When "Team Modi" disclosed to RBI on 20th Oct at RBI's Central Board meeting at Kanpur that there would be demonetisation all hell broke loose at that meeting and 2 Dy Governors tipped off the local media.

5) On 8 No. 2016 a meeting of RBI's board was held, which was substantially boycotted by RBI, ultimately only Urjit Patel and 2 official members from Govt of India took the decision on behalf of RBI to recommend demonetisation in contravention of all procedural norms / bypassing systemic checks and balances.

6) Till date the RBI is unwilling to share its recommendations to Govt of India recommending  demonetisation of these 500 and 1,000 notes, and all RTIs for this vital document are being mindlessly rejected citing 8(1)(a) - national / economic security.

7) It is an open secret that this demonetisation was well timed by Team Modi to win elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh which they were otherwise certain to lose.

8) Key opposition parties like AAP (for Punjab) and BSP (for UP) have been bought over and otherwise forced into submission by Modi to ensure BJP victory in these key states.

9) Through demonetisation, the BJP has been able to convert about Rs. 3 lakh crores of fake notes purchased very cheaply through Doval's IB networks and smuggled into India through Chota Rajan's gang into genuine (ie. legal tender) ones. The sheer brazen-ness of this scheme which was under planning for at least 4 years is mind boggling. These "white" funds of course will be used to pump up the stock market through Gujarati / Marwari broker "big bull" networks and the millions of "bot" Aadhar operated a/cs opened by Modi which will be computer controlled using Aadhaar.

10) There is a clear subversion of democracy in this process of systematic loot. Transparency and accountability has been thrown out of the window. Decisions are being taken in great secrecy and national security is being invoked at the drop of a hat to keep the public in dark. IAC can safely say the present BJP Govt is now the most corrupt one in India's history, surpassing the Congress's legendary corruption by leagues. What has begun in West Bengal today is only the spark if this trend continues.


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