Friday, January 13, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Hindustan Times Report

Having started my commissioned service in the Navy at the age of 25 I found that the Indian is intrinsically intelligent, basically honest, hard-working if properly led and is generally an asset to the country. Circumstances lead him to dishonesty and crookedness, that is sad, but regrettably, true. Since he is intrinsically intelligent he devises many ways of dishonesty. Black Money is one which has now become endemic and will be difficult to combat as our Prime Sevak is experiencing. He is trying his best and many of us honest citizens are in support, but we know it is un-winnable, we only hope that it be controlled, and we will continue support to help to control.--------Hirak Nag.

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  Following news appeared in HT on the
  web today. In fact when the news started coming within a
  days of demonetisation of seizures of large amounts up to
  many crores of new currency, it looked evident that such
  huge leakage could not take place in branches of Banks but
  looked to be from currency Printing presses, R Bank or the
  transportation agencies and I mentioned that to some of my
  friends. It is surprising that it has dawned on the Govt
  agencies only now  and after 2 months of these going on's
  they are now thinking of 'plugging the loop holes'. As
  influential politicians, bureaucrats, business people got
  the currency unhindered as per their wish when Aam Admi
was  waiting in the Q's, we wonder if this could have been
  possible without the blessings of powerful politicians and
  "Home delivery' of new banknotes from mint under I-T
              Hindustan Times 29 minutes ago
  "Income tax and intelligence officials have launched an
  investigation to see if an organised racket "virtually
  home delivered" new banknotes from government presses or
  the central bank to people within days of Prime Minister
  Narendra Modi scrapping high-value bills.
  The probe was ordered after income tax officials held a
  last month from a south Delhi market with Rs 20 lakh in
  2000-rupee bills that were packed and bore the seals of
  government currency presses in Maharashtra and West
  The man, identified as Krishna Kumar, was probably a
  who was waiting at a Greater Kailash-I M Block market on
  December 15 to deliver the money when tax officials
  They had been tipped off by the intelligence bureau,
  government sources involved in the investigation told
  Hindustan Times.
  Two senior officials of income tax and intelligence bureau
  told Hindustan Times that this was the first instance of
  cash bearing seals of government printing presses finding
  its way to the public.
  "We need to ascertain where the leak came from. If the
  printing press or the RBI chest is compromised those
  loopholes need to be plugged. HT accessed the RBI's
  response to intelligence bureau on the recovered cash:
  "these mini packs were printed at Salboni and Nasik
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