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Dear Col Kapoor,

If such a experienced /expert legally sound Signalsman with knowledge of all crypto procedures of Debit Cards falls victim to Modi's goonda raj, what hope is there for poor women (including 3rd genders) who are having to strip naked (in front of their children( when all their cash has been stolen after believing Modi's Nov. 8 jumla that notes can be exchanged till 31st March 2017 after filling a form by this BIG RBI FRAUD.

The shop-keeper is equally trapped by the system devised by these foreign card processors like VISA.

Once again it is a Modi jumla that 2% charges are still being waived on card transactions.

Since it is a "card present" transaction, the shopkeeper is required to retain a xerox copy of the card (bank and front) which includes your CVV number and also insist on an additional ID proof in case the charge is disputed subsequently.

It is very surpriing that your transaction was authenticated only using ATM PIN on his POS terminal. Nowadays they should also send a OTP to your registered mobile which is entered in case your PIN is captured at the merchant location.

Your example clearly shows how insecure and hackable the present system / your bank account is.

I strongly urge you to send a copy of your experience to your Bankers and ask them to upgrade their online security for your account and take all security precautions to guard against simultaneous capture of your card codes, your ATM PIN and theft / cloning of your mobile phone.


On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 5:30 PM, MG Kapoor <> wrote:
Dear All,

I just returned after buying some items of stationery. The amount payable was 653/-. I offered to pay by debit card or credit card - whatever was acceptable to the vendor. Vendor stated that I shall have to pay 2% over and above the bill. On my query as to why, vendor replied that he is being charged 2% by the debit / credit card companies. I insisted on paying through card as I did not have enough cash and that I won't pay extra 2%. I told him that there was a waiver of such charge for six months. He insisted that SBI was charging him 2% on payments received through debit cards.

Anyway, seeing me adamant he agreed to charge the actual bill amount.

Here the story begins.

First he took my card and recorded complete detail of my debit card on the computer and printed the cash memo. I objected to this. He then offered to delete the details from the printed copies!

I again objected to that saying those details still existed on the computer file. 

He then told me that he deleted the file (as per his version - though I am not very sure if he actually deleted the card details from the computer). 

Now the most interesting part. He inserted the card into the machine and fed the amount which is not visible to us. I entered the pin. And there you are - payment successful! 

I got the SMS alert from the Bank. I just wanted to show to him that I had got the SMS alert - thus proving my bonafides.

And then came the horror. The amount charged was 6530/- instead of 653/-.

It could be a genuine mistake. It could well be, in the hands of a dishonest vendor, an intentional fraud.

What if the card details still exist in the computer?

What if cyber crooks hack details of my card as also details of cards of other buyers existing in the computer?

What if Bank SMS alert did not come in time?

What if I had not checked the SMS alert?

What, if after making the payment, I had walked away, had I been a temporary visitor in the station?

I had always maintained that the Banks, Paytm and other such like Portals charge transaction fee. The vendor also told that to transfer money from Paytm account to his Bank account something like 4 to 5% charge is levied by Paytm. 

In cash transactions such like mistakes rarely happen. One counts the cash, any discrepancy is settled there and then.

The vendor offered to pay back the difference through. cheque - which I declined as I am leaving for outstation. He then paid the difference through cash.

Do you feel the gullible farmer / daily wage earner / unorganised industry labour / small time worker who is rather illiterate or not  well educated will not fall prey to such frauds, if the vendor is dishonest? 

Zara sochiye! 

MG Kapoor

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