Wednesday, January 11, 2017

[IAC#RG] PROTEST: Distribution of online pornography in Delhi, incl. by free WiFi installed in Delhi Sectt Bldg.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister of Delhi



Kindly below our protest against the rampant distribution of obscene and highly graphic pornography throughout Delhi and specifically within Delhi Govt's Sectt (Players) building at IP Estate, over internet / intranet and free Wifi systems installed there.

Since my formal complaints to the Secretary Dept. of Information Technology regarding this were not taken up for over a year, and when finally taken up and 2 hearings were very belatedly held in chambers of Shri Pawan Kumar Sharma, IAS he has recently refused to refer the matter / complaint to the Police or a Magistrate (as prescribed for Chapter XI Offences in the concerned Central Rules applicable for the proceedings) as I repeatedly prayed for during hearings along with my evidences of the gross homosexual acts being depicted in gory detail.

I have come to suspect that a leading Aam Aadmi Party executive member (female) who is also a National spokesperson for your party, Aam Aadmi Party, and employed in your Govt in a post co-terminus with your government working closely with the Information Technology Minister is a likely administrator (under a pseudonym) of the foreign website distributing this homosexual and under-age pornography in Delhi and through your Govt's free wifi servers. It is pertinent that my complaint also referred to the money being solicited as donation by this foreign pornographic website into a numbered Swiss Bank account over your photograph.

I also wish to place on record that Shri Pawan Kumar Sharma, IAS, who is presently the Secretary Dept. of Information Technology, comported himself in a completely unprofessional and corrupt manner during my hearings, probably to shield this foreign website and/or your senior party member, and did not at all follow the mandatory procedure specified in under the Information Technology Act and Rules in my case.

Since this sordid affair concerns your personal appointees who are being shielded for their extra-curricular affiliations, I seriously hope that you will call for the relevant files from Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma, IAS's, office and immediately hold a thorough internal Vigilance Inquiry. Kindly inform me within 7 days if you are prepared to do so, since I am allegewing there is a clear vigilance angle

a) Because there was great delay, grossly exceeding the presribed statutory timelines.

b) The concernrd IAS officer Mr Pawan Kumar Sharma malafidely did not follow the laid down procedures for manner of conducting enquiry as prescribed in applicable Central Rules, but proceeded in his own manner under the instructions of a private tout who was throughout present in the proceedings and was controlling the proceedings.
I also remind you that on 12.August.2016 your OSD Shri Rajeeve Gupta had forwarded my protest in this matter to then Chief Secretary/GNCTD wherein I had specifically prayed for my complaimt to be forwarded to Cyber Cell (Economic Offences Wing) of Delhi Police to take appropriate action under IT Act and Indian Penal Code since I no longer had faith in the honesty of Govt. of NCT Delhi and its officers.


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