Monday, January 16, 2017

[IAC#RG] Our extremely informative newsterment Tv channels

Till about two months ago I had a subscription to about 8 Tv news channels, excluding BBC & CNN. The reason for subscribing to so many "news" channels was the great frequency and duration of advertisements that interrupted / diluted the news experience. Hence, I needed many channels to surf out of the advertisements. (Just for information, out of the 8 odd news channels, typically about 5 would be broadcasting advertisements ..... which would imply that advertisements accounted for maybe 60% of airtime, and news less than half the airtime.) The other reason was that I was fed up with the shrill and highly opinionated / deeply biased, often dishonest and immature views of several of the anchors. And finally, the "debates" got me.

Then accidentally, I stumbled upon the government run LS and RS Tv news channels. My first thought was that they would be even more biased and useless than the private channels. However, these channels turned out to be outstanding: the anchors are well versed in the subject matter, they are sober without being boring, they conduct discussions rather than noisy "debates", the advertisement breaks are reasonable, and they have a wide repertoire. In short , I was happy to get rid of 4  of the private "news channels", and I am very happy with my decision. 

Learned members may wish to try for themselves.


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