Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Re: [rti_india] I am not a member of any group.


Dear Moderator,
Actually i donot who you are eighther it is just created name as your details are or unknown to any body. I do have a group called Mahiti Adhikar Manch and also associate to NCPRI, Arvind Kejrival, frequently "harami" word user Sarbajit ( as we 5 haramis from Mumbai met him at convention of CIC and enjoyed talking with each ), we also have dialogue with many ICs in India including CIC Wajahat other SCICs. You have every liberty to unsubscribe me as you have very less capacity to talk to different personalities of this part of world, which shows your lack of in built capacity to moderate as mopderator but weak moderatror like a dictator. So do what you feel like, come to haramis to deal with when attain SWADYAYA.
In-service for RTI
Bhaskar Prabhu

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 9:56 AM, raghy rao <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Ashish,

Do unsubscribe me from your group . I am not member of any
group. Because your group is about personalities , not about RTI
. I would not like my inbox clogged with ego clash mails.


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