Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Re: [rti_india] RTI "misuse"


Dear Mr Ram Narayan,
I am totally against the word of mis use of RTI.
The use & mis use of RTI depends on the type of information asked by the applicant.
Before 2005 when people walk over the bad roads,... there is no other option other than just to blame the officials who made the bad roads.
one in thousand who had good english knowledge may write to the Hindu...
Now, most of the common man started using RTI.
When an applicant statrs asking the info, there must be some problem with the PA (some time directly or indirectly).
In one of the case one Citizen approached an officer for his favour & the same was denaied. He approached me for preparation of RTI application for getting the Log Book details of officers Car (of the said officer who refused for a favour ) under RTI.
Though the moto is misuse of RTI, the Official Car now been utilised only for Office use.
If there is no mis use of Official Car , what is wrong to furnish info..???
In My view, Use or Mis Use.. RTI gives the desired result (the result may be bad for the information provider but always Good for the Information Seeker)
T N Krishnamoorthi

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> Yet another CIA financed unscientific study from Parivartan.

> "IC M M Ansari felt that a very large number of people, almost 80%, misused the Act. "The situation is growing from bad to worse. Now, people only misuse the Act. There is no provision to impose penalty on people, who are misusing the Act. Most of the applicants are government officers who either want to solve their grievances or want to know details of their promotions," he said. "

Thanks Sarabjit,

This is yet again the corrupted, conniving media along with the
"powers that wanna be" who are "allegedly" trying to get pressure put
on to change the RTI act to make it less useful for the common person.

Govt. employees, like every one else , too have grievances and if
there is no mechanism that redresses that then they will use what ever
is available.

And as with all solutions the one they will follow isto through the
baby out with the bath water, leaving all the genuine concerned with
nothing but another begging bowl.


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