Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[rti_india] RTI "misuse" divides Commission


Yet another CIA financed unscientific study from Parivartan.


IC MM Ansari => 80% RTI is misuse
IC AD) =>30% misuse
CIC(WH) and IC(SG) => max 5% of RTI is misuse

with "M L Sharma felt most of the misuse was by government officials"

"IC M M Ansari felt that a very large number of people, almost 80%, misused the Act. "The situation is growing from bad to worse. Now, people only misuse the Act. There is no provision to impose penalty on people, who are misusing the Act. Most of the applicants are government officers who either want to solve their grievances or want to know details of their promotions," he said. "

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