Monday, September 27, 2010

[rti_india] Re: Right to Information Act, 2005


Dear Mr Arvind

Please read the RTI Act 2005 carefully before making sweeping generalisations.

And yes it does work.


--- In, "ArvindS" <arvindkisingh@...> wrote:
> If it is a matter of life and liberty of a person, the officer shall
> provide the information within 48 hours of receiving the request;
> however, if the request is rejected, the reason for the same shall be
> communicated to the person.
> If the Officer is found to be at fault, he may be fined up to Rs.250 for
> each day of delay.
> It is define in Right to Information Act
> <\
> 005/> of India
> What you think IT really works?

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