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Re: [rti_india] India's next CIC = A.N. Tiwari !!!!


Mr Jam

Would you kindly explain where "ANT" has "argued at length as to how to seniority is to be established in the CIC".

Last year when the issue was raised over the relative seniority between commissioners Ansari and Tiwary for the limited purpose of settling the order of recording of names in CIC decisions, "ANT" cited a specific DoPT circular on the subject clarifying that the order of names in the Presidential warrant of appointment determined seniority and not the date of joining the CIC. It may be recalled that Tiwary was sworn in as commissioner later as he was asked to stay on at the persmin by the PM.

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Mr Raminder,

If he did not covet the position, there was no need for him to argue at length, as to how seniority is to be established in the CIC.

The fact that both the Govt. and Opp. have agreed on ANT has nothing "remarkable" about it. It is merely the reiteration of the fact - you scratch my back today and I will scratch yours, the next time.


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Tiwary did not want /covet the post of Chief Commissioner. It is for

protocol reasons that he had perforce to be elevated, since he is
senior to Satyananda Mishra and ranks higher in warrant of precedence
issued by President. other personal comments you have passed on Tiwary
are not realistic. The remarkable fact that both PM and LoO agreed to
Tiwary's appointment speaks about his personal integrity and respect
he enjoys.

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