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Re: [rti_india] IMP - Income Tax Return of Wife


Dear Sarbajit Ji

I object on the comment you made on personal life of a person. The wife of one of my assistant lived with him for six days only. therafter she filed number of fraudulent cases where my assistant and his innocent old aged parents, brothers & sisters were jailed. And all this agony happened with the help of police. As I am aware of all the facts of the case, it was a simple case of fraud and take possession of my assistant's property by his wife at the behest of her parents.

The lady was very high headed & later died of kidney failure.

Marriage is pious commitment which every mature person understands while making up his mind for marriage. But it is always the girl's pre-marriage expectation from her husband which in some case do not realize and this causes confrontation within two souls. No body marries to read from even a distant & a learned person like u " Dear Vishal, Let me say at the outset that you should be ashamed of yourself".

Unless u know the facts & circumstances, plz do not humiliate anyone. Be specific & limited to topic only. However the advice u have given him is worthwhile and to the point.



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Subject: Re: [rti_india] IMP - Income Tax Return of Wife
Date: Sunday, 19 September, 2010, 12:03 AM


Dear Vishal

1) Let me say at the outset that you should be ashamed of yourself.
Marriage is a sacred commitment and you have taken your marriage vows
very lightly. Irrespective of the provocation from your wife's side, including
her family also, you should honour the vows you made to her and pay her
the 1,000.rupees pm immediately and without future deviations.

2) Let me give you some legal advice.
Follow Order XXXIIA of CPC despite what your advocate says. <wink>

3) Now let me give you some RTI advice,
You may not get the ITR easily, but you are certainly entitled to inspect and
obtain a copy of the Assessment Orders since these are public documents
(IE Act).


On 9/18/10, Vishal Indurkhya <> wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> In continuation to below mail, after outrightly denial of my original RTI
> application, as per suggestion(s) received from the honorable fraternity
> members, I submitted a re-request application by citing rules & thereby
> requesting the same PIO to kindly furnish the desired information.
> To my surprise the re-request application was also rejected by PIO by citing
> the full bench judgment of Central Information Commission in case of Milap
> Choraria Vs. CBDT Appeal No. CIC/AT/A/2008/00628 dtd 15-06-2009. ( Link -
> /
> ). For your kind review a copy of
> judgment is also attached herewith.
> Now, I am in dilemma as how to take it forward. Should I go in for First
> Appeal against this ? Would it help me to get the desired outcome in anyway
> ?
> Sir, I would also like to kindly request you to please help me in this
> pursuit & enlighten me if this C.I.C. decision has been overruled / quashed
> / challenged in any court of law, any positive outcome / interim stay till
> matter is sub-judice / any other relief which you are aware of that anyone
> have got on this matter ?
> A timely help from your end would be highly appreciated.
> My details are given below. Pl. feel free to call / let me know if I could
> be of any help anytime from my end.
> Awaiting your guidance to proceed further,
> Vishal Indurkhya
> Mobile - [0] 94252-13300
> E-mail -
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> From: Vishal Indurkhya
> To:
> Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 11:04 AM
> Subject: Income Tax Return of Wife
> Dear Sir,
> Case Brief - My wife is working pleasantly for last 5 yrs. She filed
> Maintenance u/s 24 HMA (along with her Divorce petition on ground of
> cruelty) & claimed Rs. 30,000/- per month as maintenance "Pendente Lite" for
> her. I denied that since I am a full time LL.B. student & fully dependent on
> my father thus don't earn a single rupee. Further, I also stated that she is
> capable of earning & have regular income by producing one "Unofficial" ITR
> of 2008, which states her income in tune of Rs. 3 Lakh per annum. Wife on
> oath said that she doesn't work. Family court judge denied to appreciate the
> ITR because it is "Unofficial" and shockingly ordered me to pay Rs. 1,000/-
> per month to her.
> Now to substantiate my claims (so this matter becomes Perjury + Fraud as
> well) I need the "Official" ITR copies ASAP. The RTI application filed with
> larger public interest for the above got declined yesterday. Before
> proceeding ahead with the First Appeal I want to know that -
> Is it possible to obtain the Income Tax Return filed by wife during last 5
> yrs period through RTI or any other means ? Any success stories of
> fraternity members within this group ?
> My RTI application has been declined by the CPIO stating that the Income Tax
> Office contacted my wife to know if these information(s) can be provided to
> me. My wife replied in writing & objected that the information pertaining to
> her Income Tax Return etc. should not be provided to me.
> Kindly suggest how should I move ahead.
> Also let me know if there are any favouring precedence in terms of Judgments
> / Court Orders / Central Information Commission Decisions, wherein it was
> held that Income Tax Return of Wife can be provided to Husband.
> My details are given below. Pl. feel free to call / let me know if I could
> be of any help anytime from my end.
> Awaiting your guidance to proceed further,
> Vishal Indurkhya
> C/o Dr. Raja's Diagnostics
> 1104, Andherdeo
> Jabalpur - 482 002
> Madhya Pradesh, INDIA
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