Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[rti_india] PIO UP Government Home Department Penalised by UP SIC


In an appeal preferred by me against a Deputy Secretary of the Home Department, Government of U.P. , the State Information Commission has passed the following order on 22.6.2010

(Appeal No. S1-820/C/09 decided on 15.6.2010 ) : 

" Therefore, Shri Avadhesh Narain , Anu Sachiv, Home Department (Police- Section 3) , U.P. State Government, is fined Rs. 10,000 u/s 20- of RTI Act, 2005  for violating  this Commission's orders and not providing complete information to the applicant . The amount shall be recovered by the Principal Secretary, Home , Lucknow and deposited in the Treasury . If it is not possible to recover  the amount at one go, the same shall be recovered in 3 instalments and deposited in the Treasury latest by 30 July, 2010 . If the amount is still not recovered , this shall be done through issue of Recovery Certificate and the information provided to this Commission. The Commission also directs that disciplinary action be initiated against Shri Avadhesh Kumar , Anu Sachiv (Police-Section 3 ) , U P State Government for not providing the information even after such a huge delay , which should be completed within 45 days and necessary information provided to this Commission. The Appeal is disposed off with these directions , be consigned to records .

State Information Commission, U.P.

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