Saturday, April 21, 2012

[HumJanenge] Re: IC SS rules Sundry Debtor details not personal informatiom.

Dear Gen Rao.

I think I can answer you better than Manoj.
The RBI has clarified that lockers are not to be linked to deposits
and are subject to availability. I suggest you file an RTI to SBI
asking for list of all lockers rented out at your branch for last 7
years specifying the size and the date of application and date of
renting out. Also ask to be provided the details of how each lockers
rent is paid (ie. separately or from the interest paid from an FD
maintained for this purpose). <==== BIG HINT !!!

It would be wise to CLEARLY inform the SBI in your RTI request that
you do not require that information which is personal, or affects the
privacy of any individual. or which is commercial confidence of the
bank or held in a fiduciary capacity or is 3rd party information. <===
Another BIG HINT.


On Apr 20, 10:02 pm, Lt Gen K S Rao <> wrote:
> Dear Mr Manoj Pai,
> Please can you confirm if the PSU Banks are covered under RTI.
> Reason--I have been asking for a Locker from SBI and afer a letter to the GM, the branch alloted me one small locker after a fixed deposit of Rs one lakh. I had asked them for a bigger locker and for the last four years  they have been saying that they do not have one. However, one of the bank employees said that we give bigger lockers to those who have deposits more than 50 lakhs. We want to know the actual rule position which they do not divulge.
> Regards
> KS Rao

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