Saturday, April 21, 2012

Re: [HumJanenge] CIC SM allows CPIO of SC escape penal provisions.

Looks like you have arrived late on the scene. Maybe you might like to do some of your home work and start reading some of the wise RTI related judgment by Justice S Ravindra Bhatt, Justice A P Shah etc. Further you might like to check out some of these links, before you decide to respond

Parliament is Supreme is the Maxim of our Constitution.

(Off topic: You might like to watch Raising the Bar" tonight and tomorrow night on Zee Cafe, before you respond)

--- On Fri, 4/20/12, capt beniwal <> wrote:

Sir, since it is "Supreme" court, poor CIC can not say any thing to it, for his own survival.   which Law  is for supreme court ?.  the staff and Judges are Supreme and they are law  ?.  rgds. beniwal 

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