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Re: [HumJanenge] Re: DEAR MR BANKER.

u may be right but here we find all kind of pers following Ram Dev n Army pers r very few specially on the ramlila ground there were non.BHED CHAL is a normal tendency among the human beings n most of his followers r also doing so in vested interest n r not the true achiever or nationalists or patriots.

From: Sarbajit Roy <>
Sent: Thursday, 19 April 2012 9:40 AM
Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] Re: DEAR MR BANKER.


This group is for people who have "brains":

It is obvious that you have surrendered yours to somebody else, and
are a mindless "drone".
Unfortunately long service in the Armed Forces conditions human beings
to evolve into drones.
The characteristic of a drone is that he does not know that he is a drone.
The persons being fielded by the Higher Power are also "drones".

What then is the difference between the Congress model and the one
proposed by RamDev ?.

Wake up and shout !!! "Sab Saale Chor hain".
Aroused, pick up your arms and HIT them @@@@@


On 4/19/12, Joyprakash Chhetry <> wrote:
> Ram Dev says he will field the right characters for the General Elections in
> State and Central Assemblies/ Parliament. We simply vote them. Thats the job
> we can do very consciously, without fail on that day and we have done a
> great job.
> Hope you agree with me SN !
> JP Chhetry
> T/D at Phoenix, Az.
> ________________________________
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> To: "HumJanenge Forum People's Right to Information, RTI Act 2005"
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> Sent: Wednesday, 18 April 2012 4:27 PM
> Subject: [HumJanenge] Re: DEAR MR BANKER.
> Yes, I am given to understand that he runs his business on the same
> MLM (Mullti-Level-Marketing) model as Amway, in fact he has so many
> retired IESMs in his model and he even hands out 45% commissions to
> push his wares (which incidentally may or may not be tested by any
> reputed laboratories). Incidentally it is not rocket science to
> manufacture toothpaste or shampoo.
> On Apr 18, 11:46 am, sn datt <> wrote:
>> Let us not underestimate Ram Dev. You have got to hand it to him for
>> creating such a large business empire by using his own intelligence. He
>> did
>> not have Governmental power to sell licenses.quotas and permits.
>> I can personally vouch for two of his products namely: Kesh Kanti shampoo
>> and Dant Kanti tooth paste. I feel inclined to try more of his products as
>> I feel that they are real value for money.
>> Sqn Ldr SN Datt Retd
>> On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 9:45 AM, jaiprakash narain
>> <>wrote:
>> > I do not think Mr ram Dev has any such plan. Ram Dev himself does not
>> > seems to be properly educated. How come a pers like u a retd army
>> > offrcan fall to such a trap.The
>> > BJP itself is not beyond corruption.Our complete political system has
>> > fallen to the evil corrupt practise. the country needs only about 10000
>> > honest educated people to take out the nation from thos muck n of
>> > coursevolunteers n where r they/

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