Thursday, April 26, 2012

Re: [HumJanenge] Another penalty order from IC DS

Dear Sir,
I was quite interested in the exchange of mails on the Nagpur IC (Sandhu) giving directions and imposing penalties on the SBI CPIO, as I am faced a similar problem with a private sector bank. The branch manager refuses to respond (even acknowledge) to any communication by email/letter. The problem with such banks is that unlike banks in the public sector they do not have an organisational hierarchy of managers at the zonal/regional/area/district level with clear cut disciplinary powers and areas of responsibility or accountability. They just have a centralised national customer service department which seems to be staffed by inexperienced junior level executives who are scared of the branch managers.
I was under the impression that one has to approach the RBI banking ombudsman as I was not aware that banks have PIOs. I would appreciate advise on which authority one should approach for concrete action.      
Thanks in anticipation,
CH Gomes.

From: Manoj Pai <>
To: HJ GG <>
Sent: Tuesday, 17 April 2012, 7:17
Subject: [HumJanenge] Another penalty order from IC DS

This time, IC Deepak Sandhu has imposed maximum penalty on the CPIO of State Bank of India Akola branch.

Interestingly, she also ordered "under section 19 (1) (8) (v) of the Act,
Commission directs the Head of HRD, State Bank of India, Mumbai to provide training on the RTI Act to these two officials who are not fit to discharge their duties as CPIO and first appellate authority without such training."

Let us hope the Public Authority imparts proper training from qualified persons and not the usual fly by night RTI trainers.


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