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Re: [HumJanenge] IC SS rules Sundry Debtor details not personal informatiom.

RBI has strictly warned banks not to link deposits with locker allotment. It should be first come first served basis and banks have to have branchwise waiting list for lockers which should be open to inspection by public. You can locate circulars on website and also lodge complaint with nodal officer of the bank at its HO.

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@Lt Gen K S Rao,

Yes, SBI is a public authority and you can file an RTI with them, as described by Sarbajit Roy in his post. (Yes, he can always answer better than me). Maybe the CPIO could choose the "
fiduciary capacity" route to delay or deny you the information. However, you can always tell them to treat allotment of bank lockers like allotment of a berth in the train. If the Rail authorities can put up the entire list of berths allotted to different passengers, there is no reason, why the bank cannot do the same. Further, you can also insist that the bank put up the waiting list of applicants of such lockers on their notice board. Certain Govt. Offices do the same for staff lockers. .

@ Jaiprakash,

So far, there is no bank in this region that asks for a fix deposit in favor of a bank locker. But most banks do try to fool a gullible customers by insisting on such demands


Like discussed earlier in this list, we do have a couple of would be Zorros. But neither of them have heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel.

@Rest of the list members.

Given the fact that most Govt. / PSU employees find it easier to receive loan, why dont some of you ask the SBI and other Banks to put up list of those Govt. employees who have defaulted in their loans? This could be displayed proactively by each bank. After all these loans are sanctioned from the taxpayers money.


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It is sad if SBI has asked for any such deposit or may be rule have changed since they have started competing with private banks.I have a locker in a SBI branch w/o any such deposit,may be u can clarify this point from their HQ. Of course may be Manoj has got a better ans.
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Dear Mr Manoj Pai,

Please can you confirm if the PSU Banks are covered under RTI.
Reason--I have been asking for a Locker from SBI and afer a letter to the GM, the branch alloted me one small locker after a fixed deposit of Rs one lakh. I had asked them for a bigger locker and for the last four years  they have been saying that they do not have one. However, one of the bank employees said that we give bigger lockers to those who have deposits more than 50 lakhs. We want to know the actual rule position which they do not divulge.
KS Rao

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