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Re: [HumJanenge] India Needs to Revamp its Bureaucracy to Bring Life to the Governance - Can RTI Help

I would go a step further; generalists only 20%. Remaining 80% specialists with engineering, science, business, law,  medicine, technology, etc. backgrounds.  Not only that, at least 50% of entrants should have education from the top, say x institutes with, say x years of experience from, say x industrial houses. Moreover, say at least 10% of entrants should be relieved for poor attitude and other reasons in the first year itself, AND 80% must get only average annual ratings, AND this business of assured promotion upto jt sec needs to be abandoned. AND there should be at least another 20% summary dismissals along the way.  For corrupt practices: summary dismissals, forfeiture of all assets-fixed and liquid- forfeiture of retirement benifits and other perks.  This is pretty much the way of the better nations .... ours is the way of phuss nations ... that is why we have become a mangoe republic.

But who will implement such stuff? For that we need to start with similar reform of politicians.


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Dear Prof Apte,

Your six page article is solid. It analyses the state of our huge heritage very well. I totally agree with you that there has to be a phenomenal increase in the number of people who meditate so that the vibes are picked up by others also and the thoughts start getting transformed.

My suggestion to reduce 50 % of conventional vacancies in IAS and other allied services is precisely keeping this in mind. The original steely frame of bureaucracy has got rusted beyond repairs as honest officers have shrunk very fast. It is these new inductees from management through a separate stream which would join the remaining 50 % of the steely frame and impart strength due to giving very healthy competition to the original people. Healthy competition brings out the best in people performance as we notice day in and day out in sports all over the world. In most good countries, games and sports are played with very healthy rivalry and this keeps improving the performance. The total erosion of competitiveness in the IAS which enjoys assured promotion up to joint secretary and more or less five years extension post retirement from 60 to 65 has taken the wind out of the sails of this otherwise much needed service. Bring in healthy rivalry and watch the phenomenal improvement in performance.  This step will bring back the steely frame of bureaucracy. Once the steely frame improves, the governance would improve and people would start getting their faith back and would also vote with wisdom thereby even improving the dwindling political institution, a key to keep the other institutions working well. 

I had requested Mr Sarbajit and have exhorted him to file the most useful and innovative  RTI  ever using his crystal like gaze to seek insight into how the steely frame has got rusted beyond repairs and despite the lowly political leadership and sunken bureaucracy  how come institutions like Armed Forces and Railways etc have risen to dizzy heights while police and judiciary have touched the lowest ebb. Once done, this is followed up collectively by broadcasting the results like a viral for the information of the nation with deadly accurate but startling statistics which will hit every citizen and the demand for instant rectification will sky rocket with unbearable pressure on the government to act  for a life time transformation of India.  

Jai Hind.
With warm regards,

Col Mahesh Khera

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      Dear Sir,
      Your analysis of Bhaarateey politics appears to be correct. Now even Railways do not appear to be working like well-oiled machine as mentioned by you . Now really (till now) only efence forces appear to be well functioning. Main thing that well functioning (even Democracy) needs framework of dedicated bureacrats. I call these persons as developed individuals. I am attaching my article 'Nation & Development' in this regards. You will probably understand my views better by going through it and pondering over. I shall be happy to get comments from you.
      Kindly responde on The current ID is going to be disused soon.
      With regards to all,
      ------Mukund Apte

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Dear all,

Politics have seen a sea change. In the words of the honorable PM, coalition politics has eroded the ability to take the much needed high priority decisions directly raising their hands helplessly, leaving the bureaucracy totally mismanaged due to weak political will, abdicating their prime responsibility and   bringing the governance to such a dismal state.

The bureaucracy which was established to be a steely frame and continue the good governance despite the state of politics being coalition in nature has been rusted beyond repairs.

Due to politics and bureaucracy having been brought to such a fragile state, judiciary and police have also gone mismanaged. Today, all four top institutions of the country have sunk to the lowest level and most pathetic governance has already been staring us in our face.

Elections are the answers to improve the politics which most likely will always be coalition in nature. It is a five years cycle and would always remain so.

It is the bureaucracy which is permanent in nature. Officers joining around 25 years of age and retiring at 60 gives a life cycle of around 35 years of continuous service. Even this has become beyond repairs. It calls for immediate rectification to ensure that the other two institutions of police and judiciary work well and governance remains good. Two well known good institutions which have performed creditably well are Armed Forces and Railways. Both these have a healthy mix of generalists and specialists with very healthy competition among officers at all levels and follow very good decision making process without any trace of arrogance. The institutionalized competitiveness among the officers gets the best out of them, promotions are earned and not assured, post retirement extension by 5 years is never a done thing and the two institutions thus will never get rusted. 

It is time the bureaucracy is revamped by bringing a very healthy competitiveness among officers, making them perform and earn promotions. The answer is to start inducting professionals also in the bureaucratic appointments. Reduce IAS and other allied vacancies by 50 % and institutionalize filling up of these 50 % vacancies through special services exam open to MBAs and specialists. Their training after the selection should be held in another academy "The Indian Management Academy". Such a step will really do very well for the country and has a potential to set right all the three institutions of bureaucracy, police and judiciary and continue to provide good governance despite the coalition politics.

The question is how to get this implemented ? Can RTI help by seeking the facts about dismal governance  due to failure of bureaucracy and then approach SC to decide and tell the government to revamp the bureaucracy if Parliament fails to act to bring out the new structure for the bureaucracy in India ?

Dear Mr Sarbajit, your RTI filed in case of Abhishek Singhvi is absolutely meticulous, flawless and a top class example in clarity of insight which you want to seek. How about doing this good for the country also ?    
With warm regards,

Col Mahesh Khera

      With regards to all,
      ------Mukund Apte

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