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Re: [HumJanenge] How to save trees in private property being developed by builder?

The best way to solve the problem would be to compensate the builder for the loss he would incur for NOT cutting the trees. Since the two of you are so environmentally concerned for the larger interests of the community it would but be a small sacrifice in the larger interests of the nation. The builder would also be thrilled and would love to join your crusade as well!

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How to clean up this gutter of every govt act full of muck of bribe ? Even mud nd water have been corrupted by these babus. Gr8 work by Sh Shiv Kumar.
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Subject: [HumJanenge] How to save trees in private property being developed by builder?

Dear all,

The building in which we are tenants is being sought to be redeveloped
by a builder who has purchased the property. The 1400 sq mt plot has
15 trees including Coconut, Jack Fruit, Ashoka, Mango and Custard

As tenants we would like the trees to be protected. Now the
Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has granted IOD to the builder and
most of the tenants have moved out. Demolition of the existing
premises is yet to begin.

Now after we obtained the relevant documents under the RTI, we notice
that the preliminary survey conducted by the BMC engineer on the
physical attributes of the plot does not mention the presence of the
trees at all! There is a column which asks: Are there any trees in the
property which have been marked under the Plan (or words to that
effect). In the adjoining column where one has to fill in either Yes
or No only a dash ( - ) is shown.

Could anyone tell me how to approach the Tree Authority and file a
complaint. I want the Executive Engineer of R/North Ward, where the
property falls, to officially acknowledge the presence of trees in the
property before the commencement certificate is given.

There is also another anomaly: the document shows there is a well in
the property when there is no well. We know because we have been
living in the premises for 50 years. I suspect the builder wants to
pilfer BMC water for the purposes of construction and has thus entered
the information in connivance with civic officials.

Any information on this would be hugely useful.

Shiv Kumar

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