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Dear Veteran,
I asked for complete details of information regarding the Police Investigation into the three time burglary/theft/trespass into my housein 2009 August.
Police wrote some cock and bull story and never attached any photocopy of document as requested in my RTI application.
As SPIO and FAA failed I lodged complaint with WBIC on 7th June 2010 which was lying with them till Fen 2012.
I made a WP in Kolkata HC seeking reason for unsatisfactory reply, proof of ducument and penalty for delay from SPIO and seeking reason for delay from WBIC. I also asked for Cost of Legal process incurred by me due to the lapse of SPIO/FAA?WBIC.
The HC passed a partial judgement asking WBIC to redress the grievance within 45 days.
A 'formal' hearing happened in March 28th, the order of which reached me on 26/04/2012, which only stated that the SPIO is instructed to give a proper reply.
It avoided inspection of document stating that these are 'court document' . Non attachment of document was also smoothly missed out. Even the penalty for not giving required information, harassment caused by wilful delay and false/untrue statement/reply did not took plae in the order atall.
SHOULD I GO TO THE HIGHCOURT under the same WP stating that I am not satisfied with the ORDER or the ORDER is a Partial one.
IF the HC does not conduct the DELIVERY OF JUSTICE 'in a JUST AND EQUITABLE way what option is left to me.
Who is liable for WBIC not following the RTI Act in full spirit of transparency and not imposing fine on erring official.
Who is liable for the HC giving additional 45 days where the details required by me were already 2 years past and
the HC did not penalise WBIC for the partiality caused by WBIC, meaning that the WBIC had already conducted hearing for those complaint cases filed after me and ignored mine.
I donot have much money spend on court matters again and again for the lapses of the State.
Please Help.
S. Sridhar
MB 9830928232

From: Surendera M. Bhanot <>
Sent: Sunday, 22 April 2012 6:42 PM

Dear Fellow,

Recently, a RTI Applicant who filed 2 RTI Applications with the Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies at Ajnala District Amritsar was threatened of dire consequences if he dies not withdraw his RTI Application. The people who threatening includes the Inspector working in the office of Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Societies at Ajnala and other goons of the Secretary of the Jasraur Cooperative Agriculture Service Society (JASS), of which the RTI Applicant is a member.
The applicant used RTI route to bring about the transparency in the working of JASS and to stop the mal practices going on in over there. In and SOS Compliant to the Chief Information Commission Punjab has pleaded for the protection from the threateners. The copies of the letters written to the Chief Information Commission have also been endorsed to Punjab Human Rights Commission, Sector 34, Chandigarh.
Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Punjab, Chandigarh, Hon'ble Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar, Hon'ble SSP (Rural) Amritsar, SHO, Police Station Bhindia Saidan, Tel: Ajnala, Distt. Amritsar, Joint Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Jallandhar, and Deputy Registrar, Co-operative Societies, Amritsar.
This latest threat is a series of threats received by the RTI Information seekers and many had resulted fatal, as the authorities failed to take timely action in time. Copy of the letter written to various authorities is attached.
a division Bench of the High Court comprising Justices M.M. Kumar and R.N. Raina in recent past  (on 08 December 2011) asked the States of Punjab, Haryana and the UT Chandigarh to review their Whistle-Blower Protection Policies and consider associating civilians also in the process of assessment of threat perception to the Whistle Blowers, including RTI Activists. Division Bench had observed that "We are of the considered view that the policies of Punjab, Haryana as well as UT Chandigarh are required to be made broad-based. The concerned committees are not only required to have in it Police officers or other officers, there is necessity to associate either Members of the Bar or other private persons like District Attorneys/ Advocate Generals, depending upon the level of the concerned Committees."
In another case the High Court bench, taking the matter very seriously, ordered"the Bench noticed that Arora has filed several cases in the High Court thereby bringing the illegal activities of various persons to the notice of the High Court, and in view of what he has stated in para no. 3 of his application also, he faces a real threat perception.  The Bench also took note of petitioner's submission that he requires security of Chandigarh Police only on 3 or 4 occasions in a year, when he may be required to visit Punjab. The Bench also recorded the assurance of the Senior Standing Counsel for UT Chandigarh administration to do the needful, and directed that whenever petitioner has to visit Punjab, he would communicate it to the SSP, Chandigarh, who would provide requisite security to him for visiting Punjab."
This matter is gathering dust in the air-conditioned secure rooms of the bureaucrats. 


Surendera M. Bhanot

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