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[rti_india] SMB Comments on the News Item "SC to Form Norms for Appointing Info Bosses" [3 Attachments]

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Hindustan Times

SC to Form Norms for Appointing Info Bosses

Bhadra Sinha

New Delhi, April 20, 2012

Amid rising criticism over lack of transparency in the appointment of information commissioners in the central and state information commissions, the Supreme Court on Friday said it would examine the issue to lay down guidelines to ensure it did not become "property of a politica……….

Surendera M. Bhanot
writes to Bhadra Sinha of Hindustan Times

SC has taken a right step. The Governments are dolling out the employment to their chosen ones and they have made the mockery of the RTI Law. There no systematic and consistent approach for the delivery of justice to the appellants/complainants. Every Info Commissioner is having its own idea about the law and every one dose its own novel way and inconsistent with the already decided case.  ...................Read on full text 

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