Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Re: [HumJanenge] Re: Is corruption "good" and to be encouraged

"no cancer or any disease is good for the body,"<SNIP>

Are you aware that bacteria  make up approximately 95 percent of the total number of cells in the human body, Mr Jaiprakash Narain? There are hundreds of other microbes, fungi and other disease causing agents in your own body, without which you might not even have crossed childhood? Some of the diseases helped your body build up sufficient immunity which helped you survive a worse fate later in life.

Maybe you better do your home work before you jump into such conclusions. Perhaps, you might like to file an RTI with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and seek information on the kinds of diseases that are good or bad for the body. Since larger public interest is served, you could be the right person to file this RTI application.

Laage Raho

Manoj Pai

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no cancer or any disease is good for the body,any way the small one will increase n finally kill the is the corruption in any form even small will spread n kill the nation.this disease has increased to a uncontrollable proportion n must be checked n cured immediately.

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