Thursday, April 19, 2012

Re: [HumJanenge] Baba Ramdev

Agree with you 100%
"Achon ko bura saabit karna Duniya ki Purani aadat hai"
This man makes us aware of the ills of Black soft drinks like Coke etc. which is used as pesticides in some parts of the country ..
 It has to be someone from OUT of the country to say that they are bad for health and we shall accept it gleefully while we decry Baba Ramdev for His Alom Vilom and Bastrika  exercises which every person knows now.They have become house hold words . Thanks to Baba Ramdev
All politicians made more money than him for giving us nothing of value If we talk of money made by his Trust
Commander Jain

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Subject: [HumJanenge] Baba Ramdev
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Dear Sarabjit,
    I am reading with interest the discussions going on about Baba Ramdev.
    I am an admirer of Baba Ram dev for the simple reason he provides his knowledge free of cost to millions of people.
I benefited from his Yoga lessons given in TV and learnt "Kpal Bharthi"  Allom villum" two simple exercises in yoga
which I think benefited me immensely. I did not spend a paise for it nor anybody forced me or tried to sell him or his TV viewing.
I also spent some rupees 3500/- for Art of living another Yogi who sells his wares through agents just like " amway".
Baba ramdev is not selling his good like " amway' as you have opined. He sells at almost negligible cost. His soap cost rupees 10  to 
rupees 23/- while a comparable ameway prduct cost rupees 220/-.
   I also want to Thanks this Baba for curing my Gout problem for free( I mean  the Ayurvedic dispensary gives advice for medications for free)
I spent rupees 50/- for a month of dose  " KAISHORE GUGGUL" which cured me while I aused to be on Zalorific and pain killer Acceslovac SP
which one has to take life long.
   I donot know this Baba nor any of his side kicks but i am thankful to him for providing his goods almost at zero profit cost.
The Indian Health Ministry which works under the Drug MNCs like so many foriegn brands tried to kill his treatment
in the guise of Quality, contains metals and so many other blocks when Anbumani doss was Health Minister.
He could surviive because he was loved by people. His recent entry into politics might have angred you
But I always say thanks to this wonderful Indian  for his contribution to Health of India against western multi nationals.

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