Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Re: [rti_india] Re: RTI Activist Amit Jethwa shot dead


Sarabjit what you said is extremely fair. But what is disturbing is that fact that what are these murderers trying to say?
In Amit Jethava's case today media reports have questioned his way of activism, wherein he is hinted of blackmailing a few people.
However, that is something the probe in case has to find. But his murder just outside Gujarat High Court which is a heavily guarded area is more than just shocking.
People close to Jethava say that he was after a BJP MLA from Kodinar Dinu Goga Solanki who is a heavyweight politician and is often accused of extortion and illegal mining. He is guarded by top state politicians and is known to be close with Home minister Amit Shah. In fact, local journalist from Kodinar told me that Amit Shah was staying at his place last week to hide himself from attention after news of his arrest in Tulsiram fake encounter case started doing rounds.
But these all are allegations and the truth will be known only if a fair probe happens in the case. Only thing real is that one more voice that stood against wrong is killed.

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While the news is no doubt disturbing, it cannot be denied
that professional "RTI Rambos" or habitual RTI "One man armies"
are bringing a bad name to all RTI users.

If there is a moral in this, it is to use RTI responsibly
and refrain from using RTI against individuals, since RTI is
a very weak weapon and the Govt is not going to provide
any protection to RTI users. The RTI Act gives a false
sense of superiority and invincibility to users, and our
members must be vigilant not to fall victim to such

We must also wait to learn if this shooting is the outcome
of the RTIs / Writs Amit Jethwa filed, or is connected with
other activities of the unfortunate victim.


--- In, Manoj Pai <manojpai@...> wrote:
> RTI Activist Mr Amit Jethwa from Gujarat was shot dead this evening.
> More later
> Manoj Pai

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