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[rti_india] Re: Condolence Meeting I endorse the decision


Good Morning,
After the death threats I received on/around the time of Prakash Kardaley's death, I stopped filing RTIs in my own name. Instead, I get other people or other addresses to file the applications, often from other cities.
The end result is close to the same. An RTI application sets off a chain reaction and if the intention is noble, then this is as good a method as any other.
Veeresh Malik

On 22 July 2010 22:58, Kamal Shah <> wrote:
I endorse the decision of the forum members .
I have a suggestion not to be considered as a cowardly suggestion. Every mission has its own agenda and strategy and code names are used in wars. As the reports of RTI generally come into public, we should start using code names especially those who are doing it for the general cause. We should understand that the happiness we get by getting the information and exposing any nexus or wrongdoing of any person is as equal to happiness of a soldier who shoots down the enemy. So one thing is sure, RTI is like a war , War against injustice . So code names, languages should be used for genral purposes and names only within trusted circle .
I would also suggest all RTI activists to come down and stage a protest with fast inquiry buy starting a March"  Chalo Junagadh" or " Chalo Gujarat ". This will help bring pressure on all the corrupt officials throughout Gujarat and will boost the morale of activists as well as common man. Day by day common man is feeling unsafe in India and if these continues India will soon become a non-democratic NAZI type nation.
The episode here in Mumbai of land mafias and telecasted on TV 9 newschannel is rather too cruel. People being threatened and forced out of their homes  in a  tenament area of Motilal /Siddharth Nagar in Goregaon town of Mumbai. Just because the land value of the whole area is considered around 2000 crores and builder listed company HDIL assumably sees a profit worth atleast 1000 crores. Is these the way of doing business in democracy ?

--- On Thu, 22/7/10, Nutan Thakur <> wrote:

From: Nutan Thakur <>
Subject: Condolence Meeting about Sri Amit Jethava's murder and some important decisions
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Date: Thursday, 22 July, 2010, 4:23 PM

Condolence Meeting about Sri Amit Jethava's murder and some important decisions

Today on 22/07/2010, a condolence meeting of the National RTI Forum was held at its office at 5/426, Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. It was in remembrance of the slain RTI activist Sri Amit Jethwa, the eminent environmentalist, RTI activist and the State Coordinator of RTI Forum at Gujarat who was so brutally murdered by vested interests before the Gujarat High Court. The meeting was primarily attended by Mr Amitabh Thakur, President of the Forum, Mr Himanshu and Mr Abhishek, Dr Siddharth from the Uttar Pradesh RTI Forum, Mr Ashok Pandey, Mr Gagan Singh, Mr Harish Malik, Mr Pramod Tiwari from Lucknow Forum and others.

The meeting discussed the exemplary and path-breaking works of Sri Amit and also condemned his murder with the strongest possible words, In addition a few important decisions were taken. These included-

1. It was decided to create a separate permanent "RTI Fund" to be operated by the Forum which shall be exclusively for RTI activists.

2. The first substantial amount from this Fund shall be given to the family members of Sri Amit.

3. It was also decided that since Sri Amit's father Sri Biku bhai Jethwa has directly accused the Junagarh BJP MP Sri Duinubhai Solanki, hence it would be appropriate to get the investigation done by an agency outside the State. Sri Jitendra kumar, a Supreme Court advocate has shown his willingness to pursue the matter there.

4. This has also been decided that the details of the RTIs that were being pursued by Sri Amit shall be obtained from his father and the Forum shall go on  further pursuing them.

5. The first issue of the Journal for Right to Information to be published on 13th October 2010 shall be dedicated to Sri Amit

6. One of the three "RTI Gallantry awards" to be given by the National RTI Forum shall be given to Sri Amit Jethava.

Dr Nutan thakur
National RTI Forum,
# 94155-34525



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