Friday, July 30, 2010

[rti_india] Re: Review of Decision in CIC/AT/A/2009/000100 dated 16.9.2009


1) I wonder what Shailesh Gandhi would have decided in these circumstances?

2) I know what Mr Habibullah would have done - ensured that such cases are not heard / decided for years and years.

Note how ANT mixes "inconsistency" in the context of sec.22 to "harmonise" IEA and RTIA. This is exactly how any sensible superior court would read it too.

Having said that, if the Vig officers are corrupt, then such decisions
shield the corrupt and perpetuate corruption. ANT's point is simply - "the matter is already in HC - go there and get your info instead of (mis)using RTI Act".


--- In, binu peter <binupeterdelhi@...> wrote:
> Dear members,
> Please go through Review of Decision in CIC/AT/A/2009/000100 dated 16.9.2009 and let us know the apprehensions of Hon'ble Information commissioner is correct or not.

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