Sunday, July 18, 2010

Re: [rti_india] Re: What have we done to deserve such dumb ICs in the CIC ?


@ Mr Manoj Kamra,
Relax. Go easy on Mr Ashish. It appears he is just a beginner and is trying to learn the tricks of trade from us. We must not discourage him at this juncture. Let him express his POV.
@ RTI Wanted
Nice of you to bring up the fact on the confusions on the so called "manuals" on the BIS website. We will need to explore further. Perhaps the best option would be, it one of us to file an RTI Application with them for their "proactive disclosures" etc. Maybe we could restrict it to just one "query" per application.
@ Ashish
Why dont you check out the various Circulars on the CIC Website. For instance one of their circular Dated 23rd February, 2010  Dated 23rd February, 2010  reads as
"The  following  officers  of  the  Commission  are  designated  for  preparing,  collating  and  finalising  the contents of various manuals as mentioned u/s 4 (1) (b) of RTI Act, 2005"
Further, you also might like to read the recent Delhi HC Judgement DDA V/s CIC, where amongsts other, it also deals with - "copies of 17 manual be provided to the complainant"
Not forgetting the CIC Decision dated 25th June 2006 vide which IC Padma ruled in the favor of our Moderator, in his complain against the DDA.
Best wishes
Manoj Pai

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