Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[rti_india] Re: Help prop up RTI


Dear Leslie

1) I seems you picked the wrong Guru.

2) Penalty is not (and never was) the "teeth" of this Act.
ergo, this Act never had any teeth in the first place.

3) Previously, in Delhi we had (have) a State RTI Act.
It had absolutely no penalty provision whatsoever. It
was only because of the personality of the Appellate
Authority (Mrs Shailaja Chandra) that citizens like
me got information because of the respect / rapport
she had with the officers. In each and every case
I got information and never had any P/A refusing
information or challenging it in High Courts. Of course
there were many people like Arvind Kejriwal who had
very bad experiences with this lady because she could see
through their posturing / motives immediately, and she
made sure they got minimal info to harass her officers.

4) The problem are the Chief Information Commissioners,
they are without exception spineless, slimy and corrupt
individuals, and the P/As have absolutely no respect for
and/or fear of them. And for that matter neither do we.

5) There is no need to "prop up" RTI. This Act should be
demolished as soon as possible.


--- In rti_india@yahoogroups.com, LESLIE ALMEIDA <lesals2000@...> wrote:
> Concrete steps urgently needed to ensure citizens get information under RTI,and
> save RTI act  as many RTI activists/supporters are of the strong opinion that
> SIC’s/CIC’s are going soft of PIO’s. No penalties imposed, I strong believe that
> some of these SIC’s/CIC’s are corrupt, today more and more PIO’s refuse to give
> information or give vague information, for the know too well that nothing will
> happen to them, this trend need to be arrested, My Guru who I adored stated at
> every RTI seminar he had “THAT THE TOOTH OF THE RTI ACT IS THE PENALITY clause
> OF RS 250 PER DAY” today this Guru of mine becoming a CIC and goes on to say
> “Penalties are the tooth of the act but you cannot go on biting every one, Why
> not, if guilty every PIO should be penalised why only certain PIO’s. ( The RTI
> act is clear ) If one applies their mind they will get the answer. SIC, s/CIC
> ,are sabotaging the RTI act, (discretion powers) RTI is becoming a toothless
> tiger. Even if penalties are imposed PIO do not comply, complains to SIC/CIC
> fall on deaf ears , wake up dear citizens and help prop up the RTI act (Jo dara
> tho mara )
> Leslie Almeida

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