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Re: [rti_india] Re: RTI Activist Amit Jethwa shot dead


The family members of Ruchika's friend who stood behind the victim's father in fight for justice for more than a decade to me are activists. They had no photo opportunity or no news channel glorifying their gesture. Instead they had threats and constant pressure their way. Ya but as you said they didn't barge into police stations, burnt some government property, staged some dharnas, but they waited and kept fighting for justice.
Tell me one single NGO activists who would stand for a person fighting for justice with no credit and acknowledgment for more than a decade. Sarbajit not everyone can or should hold babu's collar or take guns or law in their hand to get things right. And to me there is no degree of activism, being fanatic about issues is one thing and working on ground even to bring a small change is different.
And today if media glorifies what you label as so-called activists, I say there are doing right. Because almost every day they end up making heroes out of dumb-fake bastards and its few days that they get stories like Dubey or Jethwa, who will surely make many think if not act on the issues.

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1) Neither Jethwa, nor Shetty, not Dubey or any of those other people being touted as "activists" are "activists". All these so-called activists are only activists in the bubble reality of TV channels and newspapers (and RTI groups). Filing RTIs and PIls is no substitute for taking direct action for / against the State.

2) To be an activist you have to take militant action in furtherance of extreme and often controversial positions. So-called Maoists etc are activists, armchair revolutionaries like Jethwa are not.

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> Sarbajit just because Amit got killed and you still are here to be loud about your extreme views doesn't prove any point. It is too early for anybody here to say anything on why was Amit killed.
> Also the fingers pointed at Amit in media reports is something that police should and will probe but till then they remain baseless allegations.
> For your knowledge Amit bought a second hand gypsy and one doesn't need big money to get that.
> Also
> 1) Amit's father had written to Kodinar police about possible threat to Amit from Junagadh BJP MP Dinu Solanki. He wrote this after Amit filed a PIL over illegal mining in Gir.
> 2) Amit was killed outside Gujarat HC which is a heavily guarded area and also the area police station - Sola police station - is nearby. The point here is why did the two killers take the risk of shooting him there as they could have easily killed him anywhere on highway which Amit travels daily on his way home.
> So it might be possible that Amit had got access to some information whether through RTI or by other means which his murderers feared he would make public in day or two.
> 3) Amit had made many enemies after he became an activist. He contested 2007 Assembly elections from Junagadh against the sitting MP Dinu Solanki who is now accused of getting him killed. And since then Amit often talked about the MP being involved in illegal mining. But he waited all through to file the PIL as he was gathering information for the same.
> so there is certainly enough dope as of now in the case that says Amit had got some crucial information which some people didn't want him to make public. However the police investigations will only dig the truth.
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> while the fact about amit jethwa's use of activism, whether for bonafide
> purpose or otherwise, is something only investigation will reveal, it is
> important to state here that amit was a active activist for last several
> years, and his use of RTI was a subsequent development. my personal
> interactions with him were of the best order, and i have difficulty
> believing any negativity being shrouded around him. in fact it even seems
> that these are impregnated in the system to dilute the credibility of the
> activist. amit had been active in gujarat, and in fact had many non-personal
> success accolades to his credit.
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> >
> >
> > The Gujarati media is carrying reports that
> >
> > a) Amit was kicked out from Govt due to some irregularities.
> >
> > b) That Amit was a professional blackmailer using EPA
> > to blackmail industries / industrialists.
> >
> > c) That despite owing a small chemist shop in a small town, he could buy a
> > car and properties in Ahmedabad in a short period.
> >
> > OTH there are also people who say that he was a honest and committed
> > person.
> >
> > Whatever the truth is, it is unlikely that Amit was shot only for filing
> > RTIs or going after BJP politicians. For eg, I also "went after" the late
> > Pramod Mahajan and many honest people within the BJP were greatly relieved
> > that he was made to quit national politics.
> >
> > Sarbajit
> >
> >
> > --- In <>,
> > boyonlinee@ wrote:
> > >
> > > Sarabjit what you said is extremely fair. But what is disturbing is that
> > fact that what are these murderers trying to say?
> > > In Amit Jethava's case today media reports have questioned his way of
> > activism, wherein he is hinted of blackmailing a few people.
> > > However, that is something the probe in case has to find. But his murder
> > just outside Gujarat High Court which is a heavily guarded area is more than
> > just shocking.
> > > People close to Jethava say that he was after a BJP MLA from Kodinar Dinu
> > Goga Solanki who is a heavyweight politician and is often accused of
> > extortion and illegal mining. He is guarded by top state politicians and is
> > known to be close with Home minister Amit Shah. In fact, local journalist
> > from Kodinar told me that Amit Shah was staying at his place last week to
> > hide himself from attention after news of his arrest in Tulsiram fake
> > encounter case started doing rounds.
> > > But these all are allegations and the truth will be known only if a fair
> > probe happens in the case. Only thing real is that one more voice that stood
> > against wrong is killed.
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> > > Subject: [rti_india] Re: RTI Activist Amit Jethwa shot dead
> > >
> > > While the news is no doubt disturbing, it cannot be denied
> > > that professional "RTI Rambos" or habitual RTI "One man armies"
> > > are bringing a bad name to all RTI users.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > If there is a moral in this, it is to use RTI responsibly
> > > and refrain from using RTI against individuals, since RTI is
> > > a very weak weapon and the Govt is not going to provide
> > > any protection to RTI users. The RTI Act gives a false
> > > sense of superiority and invincibility to users, and our
> > > members must be vigilant not to fall victim to such
> > > delusions.
> > >
> > > We must also wait to learn if this shooting is the outcome
> > > of the RTIs / Writs Amit Jethwa filed, or is connected with
> > > other activities of the unfortunate victim.
> > >
> > > Sarbajit
> > >
> > > --- In <>, Manoj
> > Pai <manojpai@> wrote:
> > > >
> > > > RTI Activist Mr Amit Jethwa from Gujarat was shot dead this evening.
> > > >
> > > > More later
> > > >
> > > > Manoj Pai
> > > >
> > >
> >
> >
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