Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[rti_india] Important Announcement


The Moderators of this group have (after considerable internal debate)
decided that we (responsible RTI stakeholders) are collectively fed up
with being inflicted with the nonsense that 'activists" (RTI / Social
/ 498A / environmental .. etc ) keep inconsiderately posting to this

Accordingly we have resolved that the new primary purpose of this
group is to facilitate information exchange between the stakeholders
in RTI process, so that responsible citizen users get maximum
information in RTI without delay, and that PIOs and FAAs deny maximum
information to irresponsible applicants / appellants without fear of

The secondary (but equally important) purpose is to expose all the
'harami' RTI activists, and Information Commissioners who are killing
the RTI movement to the detriment of responsible RTI users.

Recent Activity:

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