Thursday, August 26, 2010

04 - Re: [rti_india] Shailesh Gandhi eats humble pie


I agree with Mr. Shah. This topic has reached a flash point and it would be prudent not to discuss it anymore. We all are aiming to make RTI Act a success and to avoid the babus to act in a manner which suits their pockets.

The appointments of Shaileshji, AN Tiwariji, and other ICs would have been discussed and debated by Committtee consisting of PM Shri Manmohan Singhji, then Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Shri LK Advaniji, and the Cabinet Minister appointed by PM and then only President might have approved their appointments.

By raising eyebrows on the integrity of CIC and ICs we are attempting to degrade the office which is in itself a milestone for all of us and is going to be beneficial to us. If anyone has any reservation regarding integrity of a particular IC, he is free to take remedial measures available to him as provided under Section 14 of RTI Act.

Regarding grievances againast decisions of CIC and ICs, the remedy is available in High Court by way of Writ Pwetition and hence instead of airing our emotional outburst in groups or fora (then inviting contempt notices), it is recommended to file Writ Petitions in respective High Courts.

With warmest regards,
VB Singh

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> Dear All,
>                     Now it should be end to this topic. There are many topics to
> be discussed. Let us make full stop tot his subject.
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