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Re: [rti_india] No need to appoint advocate to argue your own case


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On 27 August 2010 21:47, virender johar <> wrote:

Dear Leslie,
My heartiest congratulations. I have been fighting various cases not only for my self but others and success certainly gives u encouragement. regretablly Judges in India especially in Quasi Judicial matters  by Registrar Co-operative  Societies one is not sure how they behave.and whether they will sell themselves before Advocates??? 
Col V K Johar 

On 27 August 2010 18:23, LESLIE ALMEIDA <> wrote:

u/s 32 of the Advocates act one need not be represented by a lawyer, one can argue his/her case
many citizens are fighting their own cases however they make  study on the subject matter, search enging like google and bing are very useful, I fought a case on my own against two opposite lawyers  and won
this gave me a boost to my morale.
lawyers have no time to make case studies/judgements, they pratice in court and then in the evening attend to clients? good money, no time to learn of date there are very few trusted lawyers
the fees are absorbedent and sometimes if the opposite party have money power they are brought over due to greed and they will sell u for a song. written without prejudice as they are some good lawyers who cannot be of date i am fighting another appeal case on my own strength.
i had a bitter experience regarding property matter to send a legal notice he said Rs 1000
plus expenses postage charges etc, i just needed a "will" from a party who was not parting with same after receiving it he demands Rs 5000 as fees utter blackmail, i did not pay him .told him to keep it under his pillow and sleep over it. got it through through other source.
Mr Leslie Almeida


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