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[rti_india] Re: Fw: PETER WADI CHAWL AT BANDRA, MUMBAI 40050.


Dear Daphne

I am truly pleased to know that you are a religious person.

It is not the Lord (which some people call God) who has failed you and your friends but his false priests and their temples to Mammon and who abandoned their flock for their 30 pieces of silver.

I have communed with God, and he told me for you, "Trust [23:1 David], The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want .. and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever".

The Lord has many houses (religions).

As the political head of your parish group, you may understand this better than I.


--- In, Daphne Warapen <dwarapen@...> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Sarbajit
> Thanks for your prompt reply I am a good christian who truly believes ...
> Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven, hence we are
> helping these hapless people to the best of our ability, using the tool of RTI
> among others. To cut a long story short the fate of 45 families is in the hands
> of the Builder and not the church learnt also through RTI.
> You are certainly free to your opinion and I respect it. Â but as the matter of
> pereirawadi  does pertain to the portal of RTI used to a maximum extent not
> very successful as the cat and mouse is being played with the departments
> mentioned like the collectors office and the police all I can say is a great
> number of  RTIs have been filed but have received disheartening results. But we
> never say die. I just wanted to inform people of the situation and looking
> forward to some kind of physical support for these helpless families by those
> interested to be present.  My apologies if you feel I have used this group
> erroneously, it is purely then an inadvertent error on my part. daphne.
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> From: sarbajitr <sroy1947@...>
> To:
> Sent: Sun, 29 August, 2010 20:50:37
> Subject: [rti_india] Re: Fw: PETER WADI CHAWL AT BANDRA, MUMBAI 40050.
> Â
> Dear Daphne
> 1) And your post is relevant to [RTI_India]'s stated objectives ??
> 2) As a person educated in Mumbai Jesuit schools / Jr college, do I have to
> inform you the pragmatic approach followed by the Jesuit order? What is the fate
> of 45 families if the funds unlocked can be utilised for the larger cause of
> Christendom ? What sort of Christian are you if you cannot understand this ?
> Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the kingdom of heaven !!
> 3) I am shocked by your statement "Sadly despite persistent RTIs and other legal
> options used, they are still struggling to get cooperation from the police and
> other departments to save themselves from the builder-politican nexus". This is
> exactly the sort of shameless misuse of RTI practiced in Mumbai / Maharashtra
> and which this group's founding members are sworn to oppose the export of.
> Sarbajit
> --- In, Daphne Warapen <dwarapen@> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > Recent media reports have highlighted the plight of 45 familes who have been
> > more than 8 decades. The land is part of St,.Peters  Church Bandra West
> > properties, Â which was sold to a builder some years ago, on an as is where is
> > basis. It also appears that according to the reports, these families were part
> > of the discussion with that earlier builder as they are a protected lot. The
> > first builder has now sold the plot to another builder, called  KML ESTATES
> > PRIVATE LIMITED LOWER PAREL, MUMBAI 13. The builder therefore is liable to
> >take
> >
> > care of the families housed thereon. Instead he has sent them eviction notices
> > without  entering into any dialogue or discussion with them. Now local and
> > outside goons are bothering them and using muscle power to evict them from the
> > land.
> >
> > Â
> > This is the second case in Bandra, following Pereirawadi. Pereirawadi issueÂ
> > almost left 100 families homeless overnight due to Ministeral and local
> > Political pressure and builder nexus.  Some of Their houses were demolishedÂ
> > and the families including senior citizens were dishoused living on the streets
> >
> > for a good length of time. There was no respite from political ends on the
> > contrary the various departments at the Collectors office, High Power
> >Committee
> >
> > and the local police station were succumbing to heavy political pressure and
> > these poor families were going through a very traumatic period. It was the
> > Catholic Sabha, NGOs.Bandra churches.resident organizations and local people
> >who
> >
> > supported them and the access to the legal options that gave them respite.With
> > Almightys help they are still in their homes that were spared due to timely
> > intervention.A legal battle is on and the can of worms on this scam has opened
> > up. Sadly despite persistent RTIs and other legal options used, they are still
> > struggling to get co-operation from the police and other departments to save
> > themselves from the builder-politican nexus.
> >
> > Â
> > To show solidarity to both these affected families, we have decided to have a
> >
> > silent march for which handbills will be distributed and announcements
> >made…
> >
> > ….. From Peters to Pereiras in Bandra West, both wadis need your support to
> >get
> >
> > their homes. Come in large numbers to support them and show your solidarity.
> > Join the PRAYER WALK ON 5TH. SEPTEMBER at 6.30pm from Peterwadi, John the
> > Baptist Road, near Pioneer Hallo, Bandra West. Show them you  CARE. Our United
> >
> > front and support will give them courage and strength to face their iossues.
> > Soon v could also be homeless. WAKE UP BANDRA, supported by BOMBAY CATHOLIC
> > SABHA, HWEST WARD CITIZENS TRUST and other associations….. Daphne Warapen
> > Executive council member of Bombay Catholic Sabha. And  member of H West Â
> >Ward
> >
> > Citizens Trust Mumbai.
> >

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