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Re: [rti_india] Re: Another Major Threat to RTI Applicants- "Notice of CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS BY C


Dear Umapathi,
Principally uttering our anger with personal attack with out considering the repercussions is not so correct, since we are not in Independence struggle but all are supposed to be in the frame work of law, and so the system of ladder of justice. Any statement from the group team also can be taken as inputs and Umapathi needs to make his own judgment in deciding his course of action. I feel derogatory remarks personal attack are not correct and giving an unconditional apology should not be considered as set back but learning to get more capacity to face again the same information commissioner.
Some months back when we as team were discussing with CSIC Dr.Joshi there were two other ICs in discussions, subject was pendencies and physical observations of disposals and the time consumption of hearings three ICs. One of the ICs got so upset and in front of SCIC and other commissioner lost his control and said "who the hell you are to Observe us" this I consider was to instigate us to be upset, we kept our cool and said to SCIC if this is the statement of IC we leave the meeting. Then the other IC told us sit and the talk continued. But we made our point immediately in writting after the meeting to SCIC Dr.Joshi about behavioral pattern and also informed Governer and CM, Leader of Opp to take care while selecting next IC behavioral pattern. There is no reply for the same but we know we also have a card. Please note I am posting this now after matter of more than year. Some of the volunteers said you should have retaliated and some said it is fine to give latter. Volunteers must know that the decission making power today is with IC and is a fact, to change there needs to be continuous perusal by team. 
I feel every person on this board has intention to do good for RTI but there needs to be strategy, coolness with under currentt, knowing the system what it is today and make strategy, increase our capacity of negotiation, let us not do such work that doors get shut, let us push forward the matters and not push against the wall, continue negotiating at all levels and so on.
My apologies to be longer and many may not agree but this is my strong believed opinion.
Inservice for RTI
Bhaskar Prabhu

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Dear Sunil

Such temporising will not serve the purpose. Either Umapathi apolgises UNCONDITIONALLY and shows GENUINE REGRET to A.N.Tiwari, or he should stand his ground and fight it out to the finish.


--- In, Sunil Ahya <sunilahya@...> wrote:
> Dear Umapathy,
> 1. I suggest you give a reply to the notice issued by CIC; that your
> intention was not to lower the dignity of any court, or for that matter any
> citizen of our country.
> Dignity and respect have to be earned by doing exemplary work in one's
> field, and cannot be demanded by virtue of having been employed in a
> particular field.
> 2. *Wait and Watch*; Let CIC take it forward by approaching HC.
> 3. Discover the reason why people are thick skinned.
> Best Regards,
> Sunil.

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