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Re: [rti_india] Re: Another Major Threat to RTI Applicants- "Notice of CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS BY C


I am very confused !
Moderator, please bring this group back on track.


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Subject: Re: [rti_india] Re: Another Major Threat to RTI Applicants- "Notice of CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS BY C
Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010, 3:07 PM


Dear Mr. Singh,

In all fairness you should answer these serious allegations with proof to clear your name lest your silence is mistaken to be an admission.


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From: VB Singh <>
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2010 08:50:47 +0530 (IST)
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Subject: Re: [rti_india] Re: Another Major Threat to RTI Applicants- "Notice of CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS BY C


Dear Ashish,
This is not the correct forum to reply to the questions raised by you. I don't want to waste precious time of other group members on personal issues. Please ask VM Kumaraswamy about this. If you are interested in knowing about me please give your location, contact numbers etc. and we would discuss this issue along with VM Kumaraswamy, Darak etc..  
With warm regards,
VB Singh
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein

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From: ashish kr1965 <>
Subject: Re: [rti_india] Re: Another Major Threat to RTI Applicants- "Notice of CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS BY C
Date: Saturday, 28 August, 2010, 8:35 AM

Dear Mr Singh

Before asking me for proof of information, please confirm if
you published these allegations below and what your proof
was then ?


   Dear Sir,

   Are you also part of the team which is resorting to victimisation and

   Why is Narayan Singh after me like leach? Why had Narayan Singh audacity
   to inform one of the Supdt. posted in AIU that he had got me transferred
   from Vigilance? Why did he tell another Supdt. that he has got four filres
   opened against me in vigilance and that he would ensure that I do not go
   to CBI on deputation?

   Had I not requested you to protect me from Narayan Singh? Now Bathija has
   also joined Narayan Singh?

   Don't you know that Narayan Singh had been receiveing bribe from Airport
   Officials like BN Ojha for clearing carriers? Don't you know that Narayan
   Singh Cell number is 9821229380 which is a third party number and he pays
   thousands of rupees monthly bill? Is it not true that there were several
   complanits against Narayan Singh in vigilance which were closed? Don't you
   know that Narayan Singh had tried to protyect DS Tilwani also? Is it not
   true that Narayan Singh had also protected Alok Garg by leaking the
   contents of files attended by me? Why are you protecting Narayan Singh?

   Do you agree with allegation that I had accepted bribe of Rs.4 crores from
   Taufik Haji Gaffar? If so why do you not call Taufik Haji Gaffar himself
   and verify the fact? Do you not know know what manipulations were beiung
   done in Delhi High court to get the detention order of Taufik Haji Gaffar
   quashed by Ram Jethmalani and Chidambaram after which I had complained to
   President of India after which Taufik was detained?

   Why did you not call the Rahul Bahandari and Meena two officers of Central
   Excise who allegedly bribed me for not suspending them as per news report
   published in Surat newspaper?

   I am being victimised and harrased by the officers of vigilance
   directorate to protect Alok Garg and other senior officers of the
   department. I know who was tout of your Additional Director General and
   her husband in Delhi with whom they used to go for dinner in Sidhdhartha
   Hotel, Pusa Road, Delhi. I know how Taufik Haji Gaffar was helped by
   officers of Customs when he was arrested by CIU in 1999 in bogus bank
   gaurantee case.I have documenatary proof to show how one of the Deputy
   Commissioner, Surat DRI, presently posted in the Directorate General of
   vigilance, had protected Taufik in a DRI case in connivance with KO Paul,
   SIO/ DRI, Man Singh SIO/ DRI and Parveen Katyal /I.O., DRI. I know how Dr.
   NK Soren has been protected by Directorate General of Vigilance in a
   export fraud case inspite of clear cut evidence of Jayesh gala against
   him. I know how many Rebate files of Avinash Exports, Surat, have been
   been sanctioned by another Depurty Commissioner, presently posted in the
   Directorate General of Vigilance, looking after Surat Rebate Case on the
   basis of forgeed export documents alonwith Surendra Mehta. I know how an
   Asstt. Commissioner of Vigilance has managed to come to Vigilance Mumbai
   from Kalkata to remain in Mumbai within two months. Can he go against
   whimds and fancy of senior officers? I am aware that one of your Supdt.
   was in touch with Editor Surat Saamna and Tejas Desai and tried to scuttle
   the Surat Rebate investigation. Please ask VH Bathija how many carriers he
   used to clkear every night when he was in AIU and batch and how many girls
   he used to screw. I know at least one lady whom Bathija used to screw? I
   know how PK Sinha has been protected by ADG/Vig, WZU, inspite of his
   having signed the DRI-I backdated in CSD case. I know how the enquries of
   SK Bharadwaj, retired Member CBEC, DS Sra, then Commissioner of Customs
   (General), Mumbai and now Chif Commissioner have been scuttled to allow
   them to retire peacefully and avail promotion.

   Your department is digging my grave. They are asking the address of my
   dead father for a flat alreadty intimated to the department under Rule 18
   (2)of Conducr Rules.

   You are posted in Vigilance to eradicate corruption from customs whereas
   you are protecting the corrupots and vicimising the sincere and honests.
   Had I been so corrupt why did you ask me to join vigilance and entrusted
   me the enquiry of Surat Rebate case?

   You project yourself as one of the honest officer in the department but
   have you ever tried to defend me inspite of knowing fully well that
   enquiries conducted by VH Bathija, MA Andrade and Narayan Singh are based
   on personal vendetta.

   Since you are one of the blue eyed boy of DG, Vigilance and know me well,
   I request you to request him to close all my files and punish Narayan
   Singh and others who were instrumental in opening these files.

   Since I have already been placed under cloud for none of my mistake and
   for performing my duties with sincereity and honestly, I am not bothered
   about my career and will expose every corrupt officers of the departement.

   My father and brothers have left for me enough property to look after
   their families and my family. Please send me to jail after dismissal from
   service and keep honests like Narayan Singh, VH Bathija, MA Andrade, PB
   Chitre, SS Rana, Satish Agrawal, Surendra Mehta, Alok Garg, Saudan Singh, HN Prasd, Ravindra Kumar and Dr. NK Soren etc. in the department.

   I am copying this email to the President of India, CVC and others to let
   them know how the West Zone Unit of the Directoratae General of Vigilance
   is victimising and harrasing me to protect corrupt officials of customs.


On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 7:34 AM, ashish kr1965 <> wrote:
> Dear moderators of this group.
> 1. The volume of spam in our inbox originating from this group is
> intolerable, The spam filters need to be readjusted to ruthlessly
> filter out contributions not concerned with RTI.
> 2. A cabal of disgruntled officers facing serious disciplinary and
> corruption charges, now masquerading as RTI activists @whistleblowers,
> have obtained membership recently to this group and started using our
> groups bandwidth to divert our focus from discussion on RTI instead to
> unwarranted accusations against Information Commissioners.
> 3.  The contempt notice from the Central Information Commission to Mr.
> Umapathi S is
> a clear caution that free speech has its limits. Mr Umapathi seems
> oblivious to the high office of the President of India in his
> defamatory complaint concerning ANT which is replete with invective
> and  personal spite. One seriously wonders how a public authority like
> the State Bank could employ such individuals, or why we should put up
> with them at our group.
> 4) The case of Mr VB Singh is even more serious and deserves immediate
> intervention. He is a practiced hand at misusing yahoo groups since
> 2006.
> In another example from 2006 he managed to fool Kumaraswamy of INDIARTI
> The wild allegations and intemperate language used by Mr Singh in this
> email mandate that such persons should not be allowed to post to/from
> this group or communicate with our members. Shailesh Gandhi,  Rajesh
> Darak and other Mumbai activists have filed over 120 RTI requests
> collectively on behalf of Mr Singh, a vigilance officer, who faces
> numerous serious accusations of corruption in cross cases iof
> smuggling nvolving Abu Salem, Chota Rajan gangs.
> Ashish
>> From: umapathi s <>
>> Date: Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 10:28 AM
>> Subject: Re: [rti_india] Re: Another Major Threat to RTI Applicants- "Notice of CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS BY C
>> To:
>>  Dear Members Now it is becoming clear that the CIC is exceeding its power and its own jurisdiction . AS one of our members mentioned it is nothing but  tactics to silence our voice.
>> In order to have a constructive conclusion, I mention below points which may help members to decide on the legality of the contempt notice issued by CIC.
>> 1)     There is a dilemma whether or not CIC is a court.
>> 2)     If we accept that CIC is a court, even in this case, CIC has no power to issue the show- cause notice for Contempt proceedings.
>> 3)       As per one of the decisions of the Hon'ble High court of Delhi,   "the lower courts have no power to prosecute a person for contempt of court". 'A perusal of provisions of the Contempt of Courts Act would show that a court subordinate to high court has no powers to initiate proceedings under the Contempt of Courts Act. Under the act, the high court alone can take cognizance of an alleged contempt having been committed in respect of subordinate courts,' the court said.
>> 4)      Only higher courts can take cognizance of contempt committed by a person against lower judiciary.  In the same Judgments the court observed that "A subordinate court is supposed to send a reference of the matter to the high court. A subordinate court cannot itself assume jurisdiction under the Contempt of Courts Act and issue show cause notice as to why contempt proceedings should not be initiated,
>> 5)       Whether our group is private or public it doesn't matter much. What is imp is publication is any manner which scandalize or interfere with the administration of justice. This is to be decided by following the rule of law and facts and circumstances of the case.
>> 6)      The contempt proceedings have to be used only sparingly and cautiously.
>> 7)      The contempt Jurisdiction is not to protect an individual Judge. ( if  ICs are declared as Judges).it is meant for the maintenance of effective legal system.
>> 8)      Contempt proceedings can be used only when the proceedings are pending. (In the instant case, the IC had already decided the case).
>> 9)      Contempt proceedings are quasi-criminal and quasi-judicial.
>> 10)  I shall be attaching the Scanned copy of the notice received by me soon (I have no scanner at Home, hence the difficulty), to prove the authenticity of my posting as some members mentioned.
>> 11)  I started the thread on this topic since it is a new and vital subject on the powers of the CIC and our Fundamental rights. The aim is to invite the views of OUR enlightened members .Tomorrow our other members may be forced to face such situations
>> 12)  I have addressed the complaint to Hon'ble President as "Her Excellency" in my complaint. No defamatory statement is made by me and it has nothing to do with the present notice issued by CIC.
>> Regards.
>> From: VB Singh <>
>> To:
>> Sent: Fri, 27 August, 2010 9:42:05 AM
>> Subject: Re: [rti_india] Re: Another Major Threat to RTI Applicants- "Notice of CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS BY C

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