Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[rti_india] Re: Notice of CONTEMPT PROCEEDINGS


The Moderators are usually very lazy when it comes to doing things for the group. My comments concerning Ashish should not be interpreted as a licence to abuse him (or this group).


--- In rti_india@yahoogroups.com, C K Jam <rtiwanted@...> wrote:
> It seems that Mr Umapathi's case was discussed in the Meeting of Commissioners and the "Commission" decided to file a case:
> http://cic.gov.in/CIC-Minutes/Minutes17082010.pdf
> Supplementary Agenda
> Commission decided to file a case before the appropriate court of law in view of defamatory expression used by an appellant during course of hearing and thereafter against one of the Information Commissioners.
> Note to Moderator:
> Do we need to start marking cc's of every post to gs.manian@... or can you please incorporate a auto feature so that all posts go to that email id automatically ? Will save precious bandwidth.
> RTIwanted

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