Thursday, August 26, 2010

Re: [rti_india] Complaint of misbehaviour against cic inforamation commissioner AN TIWARI


As some of our members are speculating about how ICs get wind of what
is circulated to this groups membership, it is pertinent to re-read Mr
Umapathis first message which CONTAINS 2 ATTACHMENTS TO
MR HABIBULLAH (and which Mr Umapathi emailed , faxed, speedposted
to Mr Tiwari and Madam President).

The 2 attachments make very interesting reading and I empathise
with Mr Umapathis grievance against SBI (who are really horrible to
deal with).

Next time Mr Umapathi kindly do not forward emails (with attachments)
from this group to Information Commissioners.


On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 1:55 AM, umapathi s <> wrote:
[Attachment(s) from umapathi s included below]

DEAR MEMBERS, i wish to bring to the kind attention of our community members about the indecent and arrogant misbehaviour of information commissioner AN TIWARI .He insulted me i..e complainant in front of the respondents i.e. total 6 members and made objectional remarks against me during his proceddings . He was further giving suggestions to respondents how to avoid providng information and was favouring the respondents. He didn't dispose each and every appeals cum complaints seperately and didn't consider the grounds and prayers mentioned therein. Decision is yet to be announced. As his behaviour is unbecoming of a information commissioner, I immediately brought this aspect of his misbehaviour by way of complaint to the notice of Cheif CIC, W. Habibbullah with a request not to list my pending appeals and complaints before him. Further, I also submitted a detailed complaint to the Hon'ble President of India urging for his removal under the provision of the Act. copy of the complaints is attahced herewith , kindly offer your suggestions. we need to resist such misbehaviouron the part of the ICs with strong opposition so that they become aware of their duties and responsibilites of adjudicaing the dispute as a Judge. Now they are acting as a corrupt public servants. It is high time, such information commissioner should be exposed to public of their corrupt motives. Regards.

Attachment(s) from umapathi s

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