Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[rti_india] Central Govt servants canot accept awards from private organisations.



"3. It is relevant to point out that the activities of the Government extend over wide ranging fields, some of which are well publicized and some are not; this could lead to an unintended preference in recognition for persons engaged in the former category which is not desirable. Some of the bodies which institute awards may also be involved in activities which may prove embarrassing for the Government. Moreover it has been accepted that a civil servant should not strive to seek publicity or public recognition since his job is to act in a fair manner within the framework of the policy laid down by the political executive, seeking awards instituted by Private bodies can affect such functioning. Finally, the achievement which may be attributed to a Government servant is almost always a result of coordinated efforts and thinking by a number of individuals and not the achievement of one person alone. Therefore, it is felt that, in general, awards sought to be given by private bodies and institutes to Government servants do not need to be encouraged. In case there are exceptional circumstances like rewarding the merit of an officer for work done outside the purview of his functions in Government or where Government otherwise thinks that an individual deserves a particular award, it is left to the discretion of the competent authority to decide such issues in a reasonable and judicious manner.

4. The main criteria which may be followed in granting permission to individual Government servant to accept awards from private organizations is that such awards should not have a monetary component. The competent authority must also take their decisions on a case to case basis since instructions cannot precisely encompass the multitude of possibilities that can crop up in such matters.

[DOPT, OM No. 11013/2/99-Estt.(A), dated 24.02.1999]"

(3A) Acceptance of awards by Government servants

Reference is invited to OM of even number dated 24.02.1999 (decision 3 above) on the subject mentioned above wherein detailed guidelines on the subject matter have been laid down.

2. These guidelines have further been reviewed and keeping in view the policy in the matter it has been decided that the Government servants should not be allowed to accept awards of monetary benefits instituted by private trusts/foundations etc.

[DOPT, OM No. 11013/2/99-Estt.(A), dated 17.02.2000]

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