Thursday, September 15, 2016

[IAC#RG] IAC PUBLIC NOTICE: The corrupt antics of Shri Anna Hazare

The entire India Against Corruption ("IAC") movement

Dear Friends / Comrades,

IAC PUBLIC NOTICE: The corrupt antics of Shri Anna Hazare

It is with deep regret that I am circulating this message to all members in IAC movement concerning Shri Anna Hazare's latest foolishness which is being circulating on various social media by certain vested interests.

Comrades, the IAC has been silently working, out of the media and TV glare, all across the country in the anti-corruption war. Our members, at considerable  risk to themselves, have created tremendous pressure on the BJP government at the Centre to expose its corruption within the bureaucracy, and we have silently frustrated many corrupt schemes of BJP Govt from going through.

Accordingly, it seems that the cornered BJP have once again propped up Shri Anna Hazare to "reclaim" the name of "India Against Corruption" and every day paid news reports are now being planted to say
a) that Anna Hazare founded India Against Corruption,
b) that Arvind Kejriwal was Anna's junior, Anna's student etc. etc.

It is thus necessary to reiterate some salient facts in the matter:-

1) The present India Against Corruption people's movement (jan andolan) was publicly founded on 26 February 2007 at New Delhi to expose Common Wealth Games scams. That whereas Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and Mr. Manish Sisodia were then very much also members of IAC but Mr. Anna Hazare was nowhere in the picture. Subsequently Arvind and Manish dropped out of active IAC work and the IAC andolan was taken forward by me, Veeresh and other leading RTI activists of India.

2) That in 2010 (when Arvind was essentially unemployed), India Against Corruption engaged (against payment) Mr. Kejriwal's trust PCRF (now amalgamated within Aam Aadmi Party) to carry out an IAC 'campaign' to expose/publicise CommonWealth Games scams (since we are ourselves selfless and silent anti-corruption workers who avoid media).

NB: Although the PCRF audited books / balance sheets clearly record all these facts, Mr. Anna Hazare's contribution / role to the IAC campaign is not mentioned in PCRF statutory / audited filings.

3) That in 2010 Arvind had represented to us that PCRF was a trust comprising himself, Manish and a journalist Abhinandan Sekhri (who although not an IAC member we had no objection to). We later came to know that Mr. Prashant Bhushan and Ms. Kiran Bedi were also PCRF trust members, a fact which was suppressed to us, and which we strongly objected to later when these 2 persons brought in all sorts of undesirable persons (Sri Sri Ravishankar, Swami Agnivesh, Medha Patkar etc.) into IAC's CWG campaign and induced Arvind to conflate IAC's CWG campaign with a diversionary World Bank sponsored demand  for Jan Lokpal Act.

4) That Arvind also secretly teamed up with Baba Ramdev who actually engaged Shri Anna Hazare as an actor in the IAC campaign to register a so-called FIR on Commonwealth Games scams at the Parliament Street Police Station on 14.Nov.2010.

a) That Shri Anna Hazare did not participate in the IAC CWG campaign out of any social obligations, but he was throughout a paid actor who was very well rewarded by cash payments and other kinds, initially through Mr. S.K.Tijarawala of Patanjali corporate group, and thereafter by persons closely associated with political / corporate formations - Shri Santosh Bhartiya, General V.K.Singh (BJP MP), a Mr. Sunil Lal (former AAP founder member), Ms. Kiran Bedi of the BJP, the Trehan family of Delhi, etc.

b) That on 6 February 2011 Arvind and Manish privately agreed with us that IAC's name would not be used in connection with the simultaneous Jan Lokpal / Black money return campaigns for which Anna Hazare had been engaged by Baba Ramdev's Patanjali empire.

5) This is not the first time we have had to caution Mr. Hazare but he is so incorrigible and easily influenced by the RSS fellow travellers in his 'durbar' who are sponging off him that Anna is now proving to be a public embarrassment to the anti-corruption movement which IAC spearheads.

So far we have been very polite and tolerant towards Mr. Hazare considering his advanced years but there is a limit to our tolerance.

6) Accordingly, it is now and henceforth the official position of India Against Corruption that Shri Anna Hazare is an egoistic person of advanced years who is easily manipulated by the very forces of corruption which INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION is exposing.

7) In short, should Mr. Anna Hazare continue on the path he has set out on by misusing IAC's name, marks and goodwill for political purposes (directly or indirectly), he will also find that he (and also every friend of his) is automatically an enemy of India Against Corruption's HQ and they shall pick and choose the time they will extract their satisfaction and honour.

As we shall not proceed without consulting the larger IAC subscriber base, I request everyone to kindly share your views on this unpleasant situation which Mr. Hazare is creating.

Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor

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