Monday, September 26, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Narendra Modi is the corrupt mouse that roars !!

Dear Shri Gaur

At the outset let me say that we certainly try and have a healthy debate on important national issues on this IAC platform with a wide range / diversity of subscribers. In fact Mr.Venkatraman is a G.Sec of IAC in Chennai and although we may differ on some minor points (eg. Gandhigiri / No-Gandhi / Bhagat Singh etc.) at the end of the day It is nation first and politics last. The sort of frank talk Mr. Venkatraman and I can conduct openly here would not happen in any political party, and there are no hard feelings between us. If this is not a sign of democracy then I don't what is.

As a long-time subscriber you would also recall my equally acerbic writings on Kejriwal, AAP, Congress, Sonia, Rahul etc. FYI, everything you or I write to this group is publicly archived and searchable on sites like etc. So we are transparent.

Also, we have always encouraged the viewpoints of our intellectuals from South India. eg. you will recall the long (never ending) discussions in the past over imposing Hindi on Southern States.

FYI, if anyone made Kejriwal, It was support from Jindals and GMR arranged by Doval. We immediately disassociated within a matter of 2 months from Kejriwal. In a separate post I shall show that IAC had delinked by March 2011 and Kejriwal & Co were not using IAC name for Jan Lokpal movement.

Finally, I don't disagree with any 'opinions' people post here, Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and to express it. But if the factual basis of those opinions is shaky I shall respond to it so that our subscribers are not misled.


On Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 11:10 AM, Gaur J K <> wrote:

Let us separate two issues- corruption and governance. Kejrival fought election on corruption and has miserably failed on governance. And whatever Mr. S. Roy say or defend himself it is the India against corruption Jan andolan which gave a public face to kejrival otherwise who knew him before.  S. Roy' claim that he had disassociated himself from that andolan does not change the subsequent development leading to kejrival , landslide victory and miserable failure in governance. Doling out subsidity on water and electricity is no substute for financial health.
It is also fact that s.roy' s language is aciditic in extreme when it comes to attacking any person or country whether is modi or united states. He is equally so when some people find fault with his judgements or pronouncement. That is certainly not a hallmark of a democrat.
For the p.m less said is better. But no one deny he is doing his best considering the political economic and strategic environment prevailing today.
I have always found Mr. Venkteraman  very responsible in his comments. Location has no meaning. Then we start questioning the wisdom leaders from south the list of which is very long.

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