Sunday, September 18, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Heads must roll for Uri


What you refer to as "open ended debate IAC style" is a very valuable raw data for a) numerous (silent) watchers of our widely circulated mailing list, b) the unpublished posts which are weeded out by moderators.

IAC is not twitter, facebook or social media forum where flash hashtag debates start and get over in matter of hours. Everything discussed here is used somewhere for its strategic impact.

There can be no disagreement that there is considerable consensus so far as our national interests vis a vis Pakistan & China & BANGLADESH & USA are concerned.

There is an unfortunate tendency for IESMs to attack bureaucracy (instead of netas and corporates) which has hardened since the OROP / Gen.VK DoB agitation days. Actually OROP /Genl-VK-DoB cemented the wrong image in minds of civilians that today's armed forces are greedy unpatriotic mercenaries only fighting for money, pay and perks. IAC's unpopular (at the time) stance / predictions on OROP agitation has now come true and IESMs are feeling the hit with 7th Pay Commission.

The bureaucracy, unfortunately, has been reduced / terrorised today to a rubber stamp machinery to process files for the vested interests who congregate at various nationalistic foundations.

I (and we have no sympathy or love for 'babudom' either) humbly request IESM community to acknowledge that the bureaucracy are only the system's  'checks and balance' safeguards, whereas the real culprits are certain traitors in high places who should be named and called out by our members.


On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 12:16 AM, rs chhikara <> wrote:
Dear Sarabjit

The uncertain competence and priorities of  Politicians like Manohar Parikar , Arun Jaitley and some others is understandable. Let them be.

We need to identify culprits within the bureaucracy who have taken it upon themselves to sell vital national interests for their own incompetence and corruption.

In the meanwhile, this is no time for endless open ended debate IAC style.

We have Narendra Modi who the people of India have elected for his self projection as a strong nationalist leader. He has to give an account of his intent and capability  to the people of India.

Let him sack any one who does not perform and that may include Parikar, Rajnath, Sushma, Jaitley or Doval who ever. India holds Modi responsible and that is in exchange of unstinting support of all Indians who are already in a state of complete consensus so far as our national interests vis a vis Pakistan & China are concerned are concerned. We the people of India promise to stand with him and for him .

Brig R S Chhikara

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