Friday, September 30, 2016

[IAC#RG] Why does Modi idolise foreign converted rascals like Gandhi ?

Tommorrow 2 Oct is a day on which another national farce will be enacted for the umpteenth time.

Mr. Modi at 11:30 AM will inaugurate a certain Pravasi Bharatiya Bhawan building in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, a short distance away from another nest of foreign influenced vipers on prime land 'gifted' to them by the Indian State.

Since the theme for Mr. Modi this time is 'Gandhi the Pravasi', it falls upon IAC to critically examine the role of this so-called father of the nation touching on the following points by recalling.

1) That this Gandhi the Pravasi was a paid British agent provocateur imported from abroad to undermine and scuttle the revolutionary Indian freedom movement,

2) That this Gandhi the Pravasi was in a notorious homoerotic relationship in South Africa which rendered him pliable for his imperialist paymasters,

3) That this Gandhi the Pravasi was a collaborator raising troops for the British from among the Indian people,

4) That Gandhi the Pravasi publicly and repeatedly declared his resolve for unconditional support to the British Empire,

5) That for his treachery the Pravasi Gandhi was awarded the Kaiser-e-Hind medal by the British among other substantial payments,

6) That Gandhi Pravasi was an incestuous paedophile and raving sex maniac,

7) That Gandhi the 'peacenik' was responsible for the execution of Bhagat Singh by his coded letter of March 23 1931 to the Viceroy and so that the nation could be ultimately divided.

If this is the sort of person the Prime Minister of India deems fit to idolise and raise monuments to, then India Against Corruption must seriously question is there is any difference between the Congress and the RSS.

Every statement Mr. Modi utters tomorrow in praise of this Pravasi rascal will be an insult to the pantheon of real Hindustani martyrs who laid down their lives so that a free India can be achieved (and which free India is still to come).


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