Friday, September 16, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] IAC PUBLIC NOTICE: The corrupt antics of Shri Anna Hazare

Dear Pranab da

I expect that you are referring to our usage of the terms "corrupt" and "antics" to describe Shri Anna Hazare's recent behaviour for the benefit of the India Against Corruption mailing list subscribers.

Let me set the record straight

1) Shri Anna Hazare was a person with a proven record of corruption who Arvind (through his PCRF Trust member Kiran Bedi) took along with him for filing a so-called FIR in name of "People's War Against
Corruption" at Parliament Street Police Station on 14.Nov.2010. This is proven by record of the Justice Sawant enquiry commission report.

2) The said enquiry report (Justice Sawant is a retired and respected Supreme Court Judge from Maharashtra whose Commission was appointed under the Commission of Enquiry Act, and Shri Anna Hazare had every opportunity to present his case before him) severely indicts Shri Hazare of corruption.

3) Not only did Justice Sawant find acts of financial misappropriation of his trust funds committed by Shri Hazare, but Hazare was strongly castigated by Justice Swant for the mode and manner in which he systematically sets about tarnishing peoples reputations by hurling false corruption charges at his victims at strategic moments in their life and careers so that the blackmailers in particular take advantage
of such situation.

4) So whenever India Against Corruption receives definite information that Shri Hazare is breaching his publicly given assurances to India Against Corruption not to conduct any of his so-called anti-corruption
campaigns under IAC's names and banner we are definitely going to warn and caution our members regularly (and as many times as necessary) about Mr. Hazare's past track record of associating with all kinds of
exploitative persons.

5) Since you have asked for evidence, we are soon activating an information website exclusively for fully informing members of INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION. This is at

We shall be uploading all the information, starting with Justice Sawant Commission's report, very soon so that our members can appreciate for themselves the self-admitted mechanics of Mr. Hazare's so-called anti-corruption andolan which Justice Sawant exposed in graphic detail.

6) If required, and since Mr. Hazare believes he still has some association with IAC, we may also issue a charge sheet to Shri Anna Hazare, to account for his recent actions and associations with dubious persons who are/were members of Aam Aadmi Party and a breakaway faction of AAM known as AVAM (AAP Volunteers Manch) who indulged in forgery and photo-shopping to defame certain AAP candidates at time of their election.

7) Equally, we ourselves have all the rights and evidences to lodge criminal cases for cheating, fraud, cyber crime and other deceits / impersonations etc. against Shri Hazare.

For eg. I would certainly like to know the mechanics of the so-called Anna phone SMS card scheme which Arvind and/or Anna engineered to dupe gullible persons of their monies and who benefitted from it. I am sure that Shri Hazare would be knowing all the persons behind that fraud committed in his name by using his
photo/s and done with his full knowledge and blessings and which is still tarnishing IAC's name in Delhi through a complaint victims have filed.

Lastly, IAC is and shall remain, a non-political peoples movement. We shall firmly intervene to ensure that IAC's name and banner is not misused for political activity or black-mailing anywhere in India.

Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor

On 9/16/16, Pranab Kumar Chakravarty <> wrote:
> Editors : you are requested to ensure that you are in possession of
> documents which can stand scrutiny in a court of law before character
> assassination of any guy ! Expression of freedom does not gurantee us to
> defame any Tom, Harry and Dick who has the right to lodge defamation suit
> worth crores of INR
> On 16-Sep-2016 12:37 AM, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
>> Dear Vidyut
>> The answer in 1 line :
>> Jantantra Morcha dumps Anna [1 <>] + AAP
>> dumps Sunil Lal [2
>> <>]
>> (boss of Neil Terrance Haslam)[3
>> <>}
>> = Return of all the frustrated opportunists (with many more to come on
>> Oct.2) who love-hate Kejriwal.
>> Every time there is some state election somewhere or turmoil in AAP we
>> have to put up with this political shit from a fresh crop of Anna bhakts.
>> They should simply peddle their politcal crap somewhere else and let us
>> at
>> India Against Corruption get on with our divine task [pgportal
>> <> (* MINHA/E/2016/03082*)] of saving our "Hindu"
>> cows from being delivered up for slaughter in Bangladesh through Modi
>> sarkar goons in Assam / West Bengal.
>> Sarbajit

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