Thursday, September 29, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] IAC and our nation's defence preparedness

Dear Mr Ray/Col Ray,

You and IAC are doing a good job , though I may not fully agree with everything being said by you. Your reply to Mr Venkatraman was absolutely on dot. 

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, mail from India Resists was going into my "Spam". Only today while trying to clear the same, I could see the exchanges on the " Corrupy Mouse".

Incidentally I found someone addressing you as Col sahib. Were you from EME or Sappers. I too am from Sappers having taken Premature Retirement in 1992. 

Lt Col Jafri

On Tuesday, 27 September 2016 1:57 PM, Prafulla <> wrote:

Keep it up Mr S Ray.

On Sep 27, 2016 10:22 AM, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
Dear IAC subscribers

Some comments have been made on our list that IAC is not doing anything.

Let me assure you that IAC is silently working and reporting corruption by public servants concerning our national security and borders. For eg. on 24.08.2016 the MHA (Border Management Division) has issued an advisory letter on a complaint made by IAC. IAC name is a terror in certain Ministries.

Correspondingly, our members are mature enough to realise that disclosure of our complaints to the movement would allow the 'haramis' to frustrate us. However, recognising that the larger movement must be involved, we shall invite submissions / inputs from our seasoned members from time to time.

In the recent URI incident, it is crystal clear that Pakistan was well aware of the resentment of the forces with the 7th pay commission and its panoply of associated matters which Modi Sarkar (like all sarkars before it) has ignored like ostriches with their heads up their posterior, and Pakis have exploited it.

Accordingly, IAC solicits inputs from our list on the following

1) NFU (Non-functional pay upgrade) controversy

2) Corps of Engineers versus IDSE controversy in MES and corrupt role of a particular IAS Additional Secretary/MoD of Bihar cadre in privatising the MES (ie. removing CoE at the top) so that a regime of corruption prevails there like it does in NBCC and NPCC in civil side so that militants can infiltrate the weak spots deliberately created by corrupt civilian engineers.

On NFU and associated anomalies, let me state in advance to our IESMs that IAC does not expect that the Anomalies panel shall give a clear ruling, and more time will be wasted for all of you.

Email me directly <> in confidence, or to the list publicly.


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