Thursday, September 1, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Very Urgent Public Grievance for IITJEE (Mains) 2017 changes

Respected Sir,
Thankyou for detail response,from all of us here.
Agree with need to deliberate on this imp issue.
Regards to all.

On 2 Sep 2016 09:30, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
Dear Dua ji

I fully agree that we should not let mediocrity become the norm.

Let me clarify why IAC is opposed to this utterly corrupt decision by MHRD to set 75% results in Class 12 for entrance into NITs. (NB: We are not disputing the same criteria for IIT admissions)

1) Successive Central Governments have deliberately failed to Legislate a law (Engineers Act) to regulate the profession of engineering in the same way that Lawyers, doctors, architects, Chartered Accountants are.

2) If Engineers are regulated, then the entire rackets of sub-standard constructions especially in public sector works will be stopped and the huge black money generated in construction / infrastructure sector will be accountable.

3) The AICTE is one of the most corrupt bodies in India and is squarely responsible (along with the Supreme Court of India by its contradictory judgments) for the.mess in Indian engineering education.

4) Till now the practice was that the IITJEE(Mains) score is used a) for screening candidates to sit for IITJE(Advanced) used for IIT admissions where 80% percentile in board is needed, b) a 60% weightage for IITJEE(Mains) score and a 40% weightage for Class 12 percentile.

5) Typically even students with JEE(Mains) score combinations like 300 with 50% in Class 12, or 250:60% or 200:70%, 175:80%, 150:90%, 130:98% could get admission into an NIT in core engg. branches under the previous system.

6) We must remember that the IITJE(Mains) tests the ABILITY of students to OBJECTIVELY apply knowledge of multiple chapters of their Class 12 syallabus to solve unexpected / novel numerical problems, whereas the Class 12 test the KNOWLEDGE of students to SUBJECTIVELY answer predictable questions limited to single chapters.

Therefore there is only a medium to moderate correlation between IITJEE(Mains) score and Class 12 marks since these are completely different exams testing different things.

7) This situation is being exploited by the IIT Coaching class mafias like Allen, Resonance, FIITJEE, Bansals etc. mainly centered in Kota who "arrange" that their students are simultaneously admitted as dummy students into dubious CBSE recognised schools which they never actually attend. Kota coaching classes are also responsible for paper leakage, high tech cheating and tampering with submitted papers. So completely undesirable students are regularly getting into IITs through the backdoor and then are dropping out.

8) As I also assist Navodya Schools in Delhi in RTI, which were having a chronic problem with their Maths teachers (misusing RTI because they were unwilling to work after also doing private coaching outside) and even the prestigious Navodaya students were failing, I had developed a CBSE maths program compartment crash learning package which has 100% pass results in teaching the entire Class 12 maths syllabus sufficiently in 1 month to pass the exam. So every year in the month of June after CBSE results are declared I am approached by desperate parents whose children have done cleared various entrance exams but who failed in Class 12 CBSE maths.  For eg. this year I had students from as far afield as Vishakapatnam ( 8% in CBSE Maths after being destroyed by Sri Chaitanya), and Gorakhpur (11% in CBSE Maths destroyed by FIITJEE) etc. All have passed the compartment in first shot and are now doing Engg or other professional courses like 5 year Law etc.

9) The decision of 8.April.2016 to "raise" the NIT criteria also to 75% is a completely corrupt one taken by Ms. Smriti Zubin Irani and done so as to ensure that all the now affected students of FIITJEE, Aakash, Allens, Resonance etc below 75% will have no option but to go to dubious and very expensive engg. Universities (recognised u/s 2f of UGC Act and so mostly out of AICTE scope)  which are all benamidaars of politicians to park their black money.

10 So please join us in supporting our principled (and very well researched) stand  to oppose the new 75% criteria imposed for NIT admissions, since the unglamorous NITs are the only option for reasonably good students who wish to stay out of clutches of the IIT coaching mafias and the bakwaas private engg. colleges.


On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 2:25 PM, R. Dua <> wrote:

Respected Sarabjit ji,
Thankyou for sharing your personal experience.Nothing anyone says can contest that.
Sir, my main contention is that let not mediocrity become a norm.

As you rightly say, we hve ppl at top helm of Delhi city who are IIT alumnus and conducting themselves in such deplete manner.Sometimes this makes one wonder if we are going forwards or backwards.

And this also summsup the situation in Academics.
With your good knowledge plz ensure that Merit Wins.

Not a impossible situation, am sure.Infact a south indian gentleman, an erstwhile Cabinet Secretary has given a report on HRD reforms some time back.
Am not knowledgeable enough to know if same pertains to the subject.

Apologies for being a idealist.
With Regards.

On 1 Sep 2016 10:51, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
Dear respected Dua ji

The situation is not as simple as that, if only it were so. Some random thoughts

There is a hugely profitable IIT-JEE coaching mafia which operates in select cities where poor/middle-class families turn to in desperation because schools are so bad.

This is coupled with mushrooming of sub-standard private engineering colleges (masquerading as State Universities and thus out of AICTE ambit) churning out worthless engineers who are unable to get into "good" institutes. Most of these institutes are benaamis of netas.

Then you have SC/ST/OBC reservations which take away 50% seats

The mark distribution for CBSE exams is badly skewed because of rampant coaching classes and is far from normal (ie. not at all bell shaped) distribution.

The IIT-JEE (Mains) exam itself is badly flawed, and does not put forward the right candidates for IIT. BTW, I am not saying this, the IIT Directors are saying it. The IIT (Advanced) is still a respectable enough exam.

The Class 12 exam marks have low correlation to IIT JEE engg. entrance exam marks. The skill sets being tested are quite different.

Incidentally, although I myself qualified for IIT (through JEE) and got Mechanical Engg. in IIT-Delhi, I instead opted to join BITS Pilani (as a Maharastra HSC Board ranker) for it. Later in 1986 when I joined IIT-Delhi for M.Tech in Mech Engg, I found the faculty and academics there so pathetic that I un-enrolled myself after 10 days.

That my choice was correct, can be summed up by looking at Arvind Kejriwal, who I am very sure does not remember ABC of what he learned of Mechanical at IIT despite his getting a First Div in it, and who was found to be completely incompetent to be an engineer by Tatas when he joined them.

On Thu, Sep 1, 2016 at 9:10 AM, R. Dua <> wrote:

Respectfully Disagree with the plea in this post.
May bring to kind notice of all concerned that 75 percent is minimum to qualify for application into any decent institute these days.With all the gadgets available these days and today's gen this is the minimum % we expect frm the entry level students to any recognized Institute.
We don't want JNU type money eating joints where so called students loiter around for yrs.
Infact agree with last para of the above plea that 75percent minimum shd be set for all entry level.
Regards to all.

On 1 Sep 2016 02:46, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
B-59 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024
Tel : +91-8010205897

1) Shri. Prakash Javadekar
Hon'ble Minister of HRD

2) Shri. R. Subrahmanyam
Additional Secretary (TE)


Respected Sirs,

I regret to inform you that many student members of India Against Corruption, jan andolan, ("IAC") are greatly concerned and aggrieved by the rather strange decision dt. 8.April.2016 of the Dept. Of Higher Education,  communicated by Shri. R. Subrahmanyam Additional Secretary (TE), in File no. F-19-5/2014/TS 1 to set a base eligibility criteria of 75% aggregate in "best of 5" Class XII subjects even for admission into the National Institute of Technologies (NITs).

As we are also the replying stakeholders to the Dept's public notice of Nov. 2015 on this issue, we wish to strongly protest / object that at no stage in the consultation process was it communicated to us, or recommended or even suggested by the IIT Council / the Committee of so-called Eminent persons that a minimum of 75% marks in aggregate in Class 12 is proposed to be imposed for admission into the NITs.

Notably, the present eligibility for the NITs is only for minimum 50% aggregate in class 12, so this sudden and unexplained 50% base hike in eligibility criteria is very disquieting to us.

We are therefore seriously concerned that perhaps this new eligibility criteria for the NITs has inadvertently crept into the letter dt. 08.April.2016.  To ascertain this we had applied in RTI for some specific information concerning this, but the file is somehow not accessible to the dealing CPIO to provide us the details.

Because this issue affects the lives of lacs of students, and every day is precious to their preparations, IAC urges you to kindly URGENTLY and PERSONALLY re-examine this matter so that the average / poorer students who do not have the benefit of coaching even for Board exams can get a fair crack at the NITs through the IIT-JEE (Mains) as they do presently.

Needless to say that IAC fully supports imposing highest standards in India's education, and we say this same requirement for at least 75% in  class 12 criteria should also be equally applied, say, for admission into the National Law Colleges or to sit for the CLAT or for anyone to become the Chief Justice of India or even to practice as an advocate.


Er. Sarbajit Roy

National Convenor,
India Against Corruption, jan andolan
B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024

Tel : +91-8010205897

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