Monday, September 26, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Narendra Modi is the corrupt mouse that roars !!

Dear Premji:

I would like to share a slightly different perspective.
In my opinion, we are neither a democracy (mere elections do not make for democracy), nor a dictatorship. We are neither Capitalistic, nor socialistic. I see us as a Kleptocracy. It is not very difficult to find large numbers of netas who before their political careers had a hand-to-mouth existence. But within a few years of netagiri, they report assets worth hundreds or crores. And our institutions are so "caged parrots" that they buy the proposition that the wealth belongs to the wife. At another level, at least 10%, probably 20 or even 30% of our budget amounting to lacs of crores per annum is lost to princely perks like free water, electricity, rail and air travel, cars, housing, cheap loans at 1/2 the market rates, medical facilities, pensions, etc., etc., not counting the "other perks".

The unfortunate part is that no heavy-duty PM / FM or other ministers have sat down to get a complete analysis of cost elements of governance, including salaries and perks, and retirement benefits, and to rationalise same. If done, the savings would be lacs of crores per annum to the nation. Everyone promises minimum government, maximum governance, etc., but once elections are past these good things are all forgotten.

With such lopsided governence, what we get is corrupted policies, and corrupted policies lead to corrupted institutions, be it the judiciary or the polity or the bureaucracy, and eventually to the entire citizenry. Such a scnerio cannot really pass for a democracy, nor for capitalism or for socialism.


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Dear Shri Sabhlok,
I am no historian, but the history that I know is slightly different from what you stated.
Before independence, the congress party had declared their policy of land reforms which included the abolition of zamindari/ taluqdari, ceiling on agricultural land holdings etc. Pandit Nehru was a great admirer of the Soviet model of development and his inclinations were always known. He was a trusted disciple of Gandhiji, with whose support he became the PM.

The British government did not follow socialism in India, but India during their 90 years of direct rule rapidly moved to extreme poverty - extreme poverty and very poor human development so much so that its contribution to world trade was reduced to three percent from about 25% before the East India Company became a force to reckon with in India.

When a society is extremely poor, capitalism cannot be acceptable to the people as initially it increases disparities in income and wealth. Free enterprise works when a society has reached a certain level of development. Moreover, character of the people is important and that determines whether the path to development will be slow or quick and the integrity of the people will be high or low. It is not static and changes with development. When Clive won the war, it was the difference in the character of the soldiers of the two armies and technology that enabled him to defeat a many times larger force.

There is great wisdom in the teaching of Lord Buddha of "intermediate path" - of balance between extreme positions. With development the balance shifts from socialism to free enterprise. Some of the most developed countries such as the Norway, Sweden  have high State intervention in the social sector, although their economic activity is by and large free.

I am surprised to see the subject of this e-mail link describing Modi as the "Corrupt mouse that Roars". It is quite unlike you to endorse a platform that uses such strong and abusive language because the Vedas certainly do not profess even entertaining such ideas, let alone expressing them.

With regards,
Vinay Shankar

On 27 September 2016 at 06:13, Prem Sabhlok <> wrote:
Throughout the world in Socialism you will find Corruption, Centralization, delayed justice, near breakdown of law and order, mafia politics and many other social and political evils. India has in addition rise of pious forgeries, spiritual frauds owing to free for all in our secularism. 
I do not find sovereign people of India are showing any interest to replace Socialism with Liberalism, Freedom, Swaraj,
Accountability except perhaps the members of Swarna Bharat Party based on Sone Ki Chidiya manifesto. Before 1947 not a single freedom fighter/leader talked of Socialism, after attaining Independence (NOT FREEDOM), we are continuing with rudderless Socialism and Secularism for the last about 70 years and polluting politics, society, economics, spirituality and even our physical environments.

It is high time to wake up and replace Socialism with Swaraj and Liberalism.

Prem Sabhlok.

On Monday, 26 September 2016 7:21 PM, Victor Cooper < > wrote:

Dear Mr. Singh:

Make us PM / FM / DM, etc. and we will fix the country and make it First Class within 5 years.
In the meantime, here are some of the things that should have been done long ago:

1.  A fixed round figure salary that is subject to tax for all netas and babus ..... no subsideis of near-free housing, water, electricity, train-air travel, transport, petrol, telephones, etc.

2.  No neta-babu housing colonies. Let them live the way the rest of the nation has to live.

3.  Immediate revocation of One-Point-Directive, and its variations.

4.  Immediate removal of corrupt and criminal-type babus and netas.

5.  No pay-commissions. Increments only on the basis of performance, say, by improving corruption index by 20 notches in one year, etc.

6.  At least 25% of babus to be weeded out after 10 years s

From: Ajay Singh <>
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2016 5:35 PM
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Narendra Modi is the corrupt mouse that roars !!

Mr sarabjit,
What have you been doing past 60 years to stop corruption which this country has  tolerated and have reached the grim situation. Do you really have better action plan to work or you are amongst one of those who can sit and advice any one on any matter with out knowing even abcd of the subject.
It is very shameful that our country men are expert in abusing but do no good by their action.You are not alone there are many experts like you in our country who can tell what wrong a doer is doing and know nothing beyond it.I do not know if you are paid for this service or doing your bit with out payment from traitors.
If can not do good to country  at least keep yourself in active  and watch .The experts emerged from movement of IAC like Kejriwal are good for nothing accept creating nu sense in society and aspiring to defeat Modi by just talking.

On 25 Sep 2016 11:02, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:
After viewing Modi's speech to his party cadres, I was reminded of the 1960's satirical movie 'The Mouse that Roared' (Peter Sellers) about a 2 bit impoverished nation which declares war on the United States hoping to lose and get foreign aid. [trailer], and I am not referring to Pakistan :-)

Frankly, Modi at Kozikhode looked like an 80-Year-old Amitabh Bachhan trying to reprise his Zanjeer days. Those same tired recycled Salim Javed dialogues interspersed with twits from Hindustan ki Kasam and Haqeeqat have fooled nobody outside the BJP, and least of all IAC, no matter how Modi's paid news channels hail his 'strategic restraint'.

Simply put, strategic restraint means that previous BJP disasters like Operation Parakram cannot be repeated, and Modi has wisely avoided that trap due to his compulsions, However, the world knows, even if irresponsible BJP cadres don't, that India's capacity to fight has been severely eroded under successive Congi and NDA govts. Our ordnances, armouries and reserves are severely depleted and troops and police exhausted by side duties and poor inputs.

As I write, frantic calls are being made from MoD offices to all the arms dealers everywhere essentially saying 'Tell us what you have available for delivery right now'. This is a golden opportunity for the world to dump all their expired stocks on us at any price they demand. The nation is being looted through this war hysteria fabricated by Doval and his rogue network - which unfortunately contains many misguided retired forces chiefs and other Gro├čer Generalstab (traitors) in it.

For instance, why the great hurry for signing this 36 plane Rafael deal, a roundly criticised classic case of too little too late for the IAF, at this time ? Why is India buying these planes at 4 times the cost they are sold to the French Airforce ? Normally in the arms business it is common to export at below price to outsiders to keep domestic production going. This clearly shows that there are still kickbacks of at least 500% in this deal.

Mark our words Mr. Modi : This BJP Govt is shaping up to be even more corrupt than the Congress was, and all the fake jingoism and manufactured Bharat Mata ki Jai crap to your BJP cadres, and hiding behind national secrecy, is not going to stop our saying so.

PS: Everyday Doval remains is reaffirmation that Modi & Co. are corrupt.


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