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Re: [IAC#RG] IAC PUBLIC NOTICE: The corrupt antics of Shri Anna Hazare

Shri Sant Mathur ji (IPS, DGP Retd @Chennai)

copy: To IAC main mailing list for information / comments

Respected Sir,

We have proceeded on the lines indicated by you in your email and had requested Advocate Ms. Puroboi Ghose Mohan, advocate in Mumbai / Maharashtra to kindly asisst us in researching the matters

Hence, I am requesting you to kindly share your valuable opinion / advice on the following piquant situation, and as a kind of informal 'Lokpal' for IAC to guide us in our actions for this matter.

In addition our members may also post submit their comments (which we will carefully consider but may not publish to the list considering the legal implications).

The preliminary information status with IAC is as follows.

1) That on or about 26th June 2015 the Joint Charity Commissioner at Pune sent notice to about 20 trusts under him, including Shri Anna Hazare's Trust the "Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Nyas (BVJAN)", based in Ralegan Siddhi asking them to drop the term "corruption" from their trust's name. The fact that this referred to the BVJAN was duly reported in national press at the time

2) Shortly thereafter Shri Anna Hazare was interviewed by the news agency ANI video news channel which was circulated to many media houses. The video clearly has Shri Hazare speaking in Hindi and refusing to drop the term "corruption" from his trust. No reference is made anywhere in the ANI video itself to "India Against Corruption".

However, it seems the accompanying text / title circulated by ANI news agency said "Anna Hazare Not Willing to Remove The Name Corruption from IAC" and "Social activist Anna Hazare has been asked to remove corruption from the name of his NGO India Against Corruption. However Anna is not willing to do so.", "Ralegan Siddhi, June 26 (ANI): India Against Corruption, the non-governmental organisation led by anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare expressed its discontentment at a state notice asking it to remove the word 'corruption' from its title."

3) That faced with Shri Hazare's refusal, the Joint Charity Commissioner Pune, Shri Shivkumar Dige, around 7.January 2016 has suspended Shri Anna Hazare and other trustees of the non-governmental organization (NGO), Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan, for not dropping the word "anti-corruption" from its name, and Shri Hazare was without any anti-corrution body/ platform.
4) You will recall that previously on Jan 18 2013, Shri Anna Hazare had publicly communicated to the world (Evidence: several press reports accessible using google search) that he would henceforth not use the name "India Against Corruption", close his offices and bank accounts etc. which Ms. Kiran Bedi had commenced.

a) It is noteworthy that on August 09, 2013, Shri Hazare's BVJA Ralegan office, in an email to this IAC subscriber mailing list, subject "Corruption in recruitment of Assistant Professor at Jiwaji University" sent from their regular email ID "B V J Andolan <>", the evidence copy of which will be available to everyone here in their email inbox, had said BVJA was no longer taking up complaints of corruption and fraud at a social level (also advising inter-alia the fraud/corruption victims to go on 'fast').

5) That on 6th September, I came to know that the Chairperson of the NCW had appeared on Shri Arnab Goswami's show on Times Television to say that the NCW' had taken cognisance of against AAPs Ashutosh based on my online complaint to her 

: at around time: 43 mins or 44 mins of this video.

NB: This list knows that I had first given Arvind Kejriwal, Mr. Manish Sisodia every chance to discipline Mr. Ashutosh and retract the AAP's defensive statement impugning my great-grand aunt Smt. Sarala Debi Chaudhurani (a noted feminist icon of India).

6) After reviewing the full video of the TImes TV show of 6.9.2016. I was shocked to see some people appearing there claiming to be IAC members who were making all kinds of rash statements against the Aam Aadmi Party consequent to Shri Anna Hazare's video news statement given earlier the same day. It is clear Shri Hazare had issued the statement in his own personal capacity as an "anti-corruption crusader" and certainly not as any representive / leader of IAC.
7) After seeing the extremely serious (and still unsubtantiated) allegation of financial corruption which some persons impersonating at IAC members were making against Aam Aadmi Party on national television, I was caused to make an unprecedented (for me) appearance on Arnab's show on 16.September 2016 and only after Times TV had fully satisfied themselves about my title of  "National Convenor, India Against Corruption" to convey that IAC is a strictly non-political movement only public accountability and good governance irrespective of political shenanigans.
8) It seems that some disgruntled / expelled AAM party workers (who we can easily establish are BJP agent provocateurs very close to Ms.Kiran Bedi) had latched onto the mischievous reporting by the English language media's mistranslating Shri Anna Hazare and who visited Ralegan Siddhi (on 12 or 13.Sept.2016) to deceive Shri Hazare that they were India Against Corruption volunteers and seeking his blessing for their website. Our sources indicate that this visit was instigated through Anna's trusted aide Shri Datta Awari who (as per media reports) was actually the person behind the.ANNA SMS card scheme of 9 April 2012 (which SMS scheme Anna later bizarrely blamed Arvind for stealing Rs.100 crores through it).


(above) Former AAP persons with Anna at Ralegan Siddhi on 13 Sept 2016.

(above and below ) Is Kiran Bedi (LG of Pudducherry) involved in defaming IAC to cause tension between IAC and AAP in Punjab elections through agent provocateurs who fled AAP ?

9) That whereas IAC has consistently accorded due respect to eminent persons associated in some way or other with IAC (incl. Mr. Hazare), this constant problem of Shri Anna Hazare's ''antics' caused
a) by Mr. Hazare seemingly being surrounded by blackmailers and scammers,
b) his apparently simpleton nature,
c) his illiteracy (at least in English),
d) his constant desire for self promotion and publicity, etc.
has caused my seniors to consider taking very serious steps against Shri Hazare personally on this occassion to defend IAC's spotless name and banner.

Lastly, Sir, you are also aware that eminent persons like Shri Shanti Bhushan-ji, Shri Subramaniam Swamy were specially permitted (with full respect) to regularly use this list despite their being in active politics and Shri Hazare is still also accorded the same courtesy / respect by us as a self professed non-political activist against corruption present in IAC's timeline.

PS: I have not detailed our evidence against the ex-AAP persons involved as it is a matter between leadership of AAP and IAC.

The views / guidance are solicited accordingly.


National Convenor

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