Thursday, September 22, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] A few sane voices which BJP Govt should listen to after Uri.

No use telling them. They believe that a racist US that sabotages countries by propping up extremists does it only in Muslim countries and for some reason, the American racists love Hindus. Non-white friends and foes of US meet the same fate - only methods different - rise of extremism, economic colonization. US is playing India like a fiddle and our political leadership is so engrossed in political rivalries, they are absolutely blind to geo-strategic moves. For that matter, why US, we are fools for any white skinned country, it seems. Witness the Rafale deal, signing of nuclear power plant with Areva within 24 hours of French Nuclear safety agency releasing details on serious flaw in their reactor. Many many such examples. FDI is another chutiyapa. First it was globalization, now FDI. New rabbit, same hat. Bailout floundering first world economies by buying their rejects, opening our markets for them to mint money on the lure of initial flow of incoming investment.

It is madness and no one seems to be thinking things through at all.

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