Sunday, September 18, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Heads must roll for Uri

PM Modi does nothing without strategy and we must support him and it is well known :-

When you talk tough with no strategy or action either in POK as all leaders are doing hoping UN will tell Pakistan to walk back or in Baluchistan where USA and Iran have to be on board and probably are though Iranians are not easy to deal with.

India does punch in money to two sided agents in areas of interest as all nations do but the threatened party recoils to test waters and it's taught in Staff Colleges abroad.Every politico-military statement must have political and military strategy to achieve the aim.

Appreciation and achievement of AIM is taught in all staff colleges and we must remain assured The Chiefs and Military brass    
Have the strategy and aim and public need not know.
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On Sep 18, 2016, at 6:16 PM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:

First Pathankot and now Uri .

  1. Was it a complete failure of intelligence coupled with procedural slipups ?
  2. Or, is Parrikar as incompetent / interfering as Kejriwal & Co ?
  3. And, is it time for serious and sober debate followed by calibrated response(s) ?
  4. Finally, should Doval be sacked and the foolishly jingoistic Doval doctrine scrapped ?

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