Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Narendra Modi is the corrupt mouse that roars !!

We have received several emails from eminent people on this list expressing concern about the abusive term "corrupt mouse" used in connection with PM.

Let me thank them for expressing their sentiments and sharing their concern that the works IAC is doing should not be detracted by usage of terms they find abusive.

I have carefully analysed the emails received from our members on this point. Mostly they seem to be upset that I have used the terms "corrupt " and "mouse" for Shri Narendra Modi. Apparently Shri Modi is a pure honest selfless world leader of stature who can do no wrong, ie a great noble Mahatama above and beyond corruption. Many subscribers express that Shri Modi is an iron man and great nationalist who will protect India's interests better than any past PM did.

Firstly,  I did not describe Shri Modi as "corrupt mouse", I described him as "the corrupt mouse who roars" in the context of the speech he made at Kozhikode. I perceived Mr. Modi's speech as foolishly jingoistic and empty rhetoric made from his party's platform when there was no need for it to be given. In my view Mr. Modi's foolish speech has seriously compromised the Indian Army's (the affected force in this instance) tactical options to extract a jaw for a tooth.

NB: "The mouse that roared " is a term widely used internationally to describe foolish politicians who utter nonsense.
eg. "Donald Trump and the mouse that roared" [link] used to describe a "preposterous, comical, and surrealistic" speech  by Trump around 17 Aug 2016.

Secondly, I have qualified the term "mouse that roared" by prefixing it with "corrupt". I have sufficient evidence with me for any reasonable person to conclude that Mr. Modi's government/office is riddled with corruption. In fact it is so corrupt that the PMO will not even process allegations / evidences of ongoing corruption, under the prescribed procedures (including their own internal norms grudgingly provided to me in RTI), when these are submitted to it using official channels. All these corrupt actions in the PMO are taking place under the tutelage of a past expert of corruption processes, ie Shri Nripendra Misra, who Shri Narendra Modi personally handpicked (and rewrote the laws of India for) to re-employ in the PMO after his retirement. Accordingly, I have no reason to alter my opinion that Shri Narendra Modi is corrupt.


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